What’s a Fair Price for My Rental Property? – 3616 Connecticut Ave. NW

Ed. Note: If you’re looking to rent a place out and are curious what is a realistic price send an email with ‘what’s a fair price’ in the title to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com. We can also do this for people selling their homes if interested.

The rental is located at 3616 Connecticut Ave. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

Large 1 bedroom, 731 square feet
Top floor of pre-war building (built in 1926)
High ceilings
Beautiful original crown moulding
Working wood-burning fireplace
Lovely, recently refinished hardwood floors

Recently remodeled kitchen
-Gas stove
-Granite countertops

Full bath with new vanity and lots of storage
Two large closets in bedroom
Two additional hall closets

Heat included!

Bike room and some additional storage available.
3 Washers/3 Dryers on 1st Floor”

The current asking price is $1895 for this 1 bedroom.

Well it def. looks nice but I’m thinking around $1750 sounds more realistic. What do you guys think is a fair price?

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  • very large 1 bedroom apts across the street rent for about 1700 and that includes all utilities and parking, so $1895 seems high. I mean, maybe people are willing to pay a $200 premium for rental granite?

    • Agreed, all of the one bedrooms I know in that area are substantially newer (and larger) and run $1500-$1700. As with any of these questions, can the emailer get $1895 for this place? Probably from someone who’s not willing/able to shop around, but rest assured that may take time to find such a person, and the odds that they’ll stick around beyond a year lease are low when they realize how much of a premium they’re paying over similar area rentals.

  • Agreed. 1500-1700 seems more reasonable. for close to 2k/mo I’d want washer/dryer in unit, all utilities included, and a pool. the person is probably trying to cover their mortgage and condo fee, but the truth is that renting is cheaper than owning in the short term.

  • This is the woodbine condo right? I looked at renting a 1br in that building a couple years ago. Few things to note.

    The bike storage and extra storage units are for resident owners only, not renters. Same for the parking out back, they only rent that to resident owners.

    Also that building doesn’t have an elevator. Granted it is only 4 stories and it may not matter for most, but this is a top floor unit so it is something to think about.

    And yes, all those things aside, there are other rentals right now on CL in equally as nice locations in cleveland park for a heck of a lot less.

    I’d say 1650-1700/m

  • Looks like a nice place. If the pics are not deceiving (like some realtor pics that make small rooms look huge), a big bedroom with lots of windows, nicely done living/dining area, attractive bathroom. And can I just tell you? I absolutely LOVE those pre-war apartment hallways or entry foyers, with the thick door and crown molding that’s been painted a hundred times. It’s just so warm and homey. But I agree that the asking price is too high, particularly for a walk-up with coin-op common area laundry. Best wishes to the OP, though. Looks like a deeply loved home.

  • This price seems reasonable and realistic to me

  • $1500

  • me

    Lower- closer to $1600/mo. I rented a fantastic 2br right next door to you for $1950, and that was a pretty good deal for what it was.

  • I listed it at $1895 per guidance from the property management company that will be managing my place while I’m overseas. My next door neighbors (same size unit) had been renting their place for $2000/month for the last two years before it sold.

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