What’s a Fair Price for My Rental Property? – 3534 10th St NW

Ed. Note: If you’re looking to rent a place out and are curious what is a realistic price send an email with ‘what’s a fair price’ in the title to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com. We can also do this for people selling their homes if interested.

“Dear PoP,

Sunny, beautiful, renovated 1 bedroom furnished condo unit available for rent in Columbia Heights. This condo is IDEAL for a couple or single person! The neighbors are great. I have enjoyed living here, but sadly I am relocating for work.


All new stainless steel appliances, FREE shared laundry facility, with large front-loading Energy Star washers/dryers, fully equipped kitchen, granite counters, wireless internet, hardwood floors, dual-flush toilet for efficient water use, central a/c and heat, high-recycled content carpet in bedroom, kitchen cabinets made of plantation-raised sustainable hardwood, new double pane Low-E windows, and Ultra-Low VOC paint. The unit can come furnished or unfurnished – your choice.

Utilities Included:
Water, recycling, and garbage disposal.
You pay only for electricity and cable/internet.

Additional Perks:

There is plenty of off-street parking available.

Email Zack @ [email protected]

The reader is thinking $1650. That’s seems like the right ballpark. What do you guys think is a realistic price?

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  • I looked at these units when they were on the market for sale- they are very very small (less than 500 sq ft). 1600 is def too high- maybe 1450.

  • Free shared laundry? That’s weird, isn’t it? Seems like you need to charge for laundry to prevent overuse, and promote water conservation. Is that common?

    • I thought buildings only charged for laundry if an outside company was in charge of maintenance of the machines themselves. I don’t think it has much to do with conservation although that’s obviously a good thing too.

  • $1500 and it’s a deal!

  • Btw, I think it would be cool if there could be a follow-up to some of these posts. On the MLS you can see what houses sell for, but there’s no way to see what apartments actually end up renting for- maybe some of the landlords would be willing to share?

  • I think 1500 would be more reasonable given the size of the bedroom. It is very cute, though!

  • i pay <$900 a month for a one bedroom in an admittedly less upscale building (without a name or awning) less than a block away. not sure that this place isn't worth $1650, just giving some context to what else is around this part of CH.

  • I dropped it down to $1,500. I guess Dan didn’t get the email until it was too late.


    • How long did you have it listed before you dropped it?

      Also, how long do you have until you have to move?

      • I move in two weeks. I only had it listed for a day when I decided to drop it. I dropped it because I need to rent it out ASAP. $1500 is how much I pay a month for my mortgage and does not include condo fees. It is $1500 furnished btw.

        • Well $1500 sounds good, according to many people here. Lots of bleh basements nearby are renting for $1300, after all. And you get to make back some of the condo fee by depreciating the property on your taxes.

          Two weeks is kind of tight. I’d consider talking to a property management firm today, so you have someone engaged in case things get too busy for you. It’d be better to pay a management fee than list this at a firesale price next week.

          Good luck!

  • Hey POP

    I have these items for sale

    1. Ipod Touch 8GB
    2. Ipod Nano 1GB
    3. Ipod 3rd Gen 40GB
    4. Creative Zen NX 30GB
    5. XM Radio and Home Stereo Connection Kit

    What is a fair price for them?

  • I pay $1000 for a 1br at 15th and Corcoran to also give this some context. Seems way overpriced to me, but then again, so does everything in this town.

  • i’m not calling you a liar, but that has to be rent controlled or something.

  • that’s too high. I live in the neighborhood for significantly cheaper and even though my place is a steal I know places in that area going for much cheaper. Depending on size it should be more in the 1300-1400 range and you can charge more if furnished.

  • Only tangentially related to this post:

    I also looked at a place int his building… a studio. They didn’t have sq footage listed, so I looked at the blueprints in the Notice of Offering, and calculated that the unit I looked at was 264 sq ft. Which would make sense since you had to walk through a closet to get to the bathroom, and that the livingroom/bedroom/diningroom was too small even for a murphy bed.

    I didn’t look at the 1BRs, but even the pictures posted look a bit bigger than the place I saw.

  • I’m confused: under amenities, wireless internet is listed, but then the post states that the renter is responsible for cable/internet. So is this saying that you can pirate off the neighbor’s wireless? Also, it’s not really a deal if the utilities included are the cheapest ones. Electricity & gas for $1400 and maybe it’s an ok price.

    The bedroom looks large enough for a full-size bed and nothing else. I’m also suspicious of the lack of photos of the living area. Like others have stated, I’m guessing this place is pretty small. I wouldn’t pay 1500 for it but someone new to town probably will. Myself, I’d take more space with older fixtures.

    • The bed currently in the unit is a queen. I haven’t tried to fit a king in the bedroom, but there seems to be sufficient space should you decide to put a king bed in the bedroom. I don’t know why POP chose not to include the picture of the living room. You can see the posting on craigslist, though, with a picture of the living room and I have others should you require. (CL only allows 4 pictures).


  • You only waited a day before dropping it the rent? What?!?!?!You should have at least tried to rent it above market for a couple of days just in the off chance that some naive transplant from NY would jump on it.

    No patience

    • True. I don’t have patience. My main goal is getting it rented, so I can pack and move. I start my new job on January 3rd. No time to waste. 🙂

  • I have been helping a friend look for a studio in columbia heights for the past 2 weeks. Given the number of uninspiring studios on the market for $1300 or more, I have to say that $1650 inclu some utilities is absolutely a fair deal for this place with brandnew kitchens, central air, stainless steel appliances, etc. It sounds high, but so is everything else in this outrageously expensive city. I am a little biased though as I live in this building. I second that its a great place to live.

  • Please keep in mind that it is illegal under fair housing standards to note that a property is “ideal for a couple or single person.”

    • Descriptive explanation is different from exclusionary caveats. “This sports bra is great for DD” does not mean a AA can’t buy it.

  • Furnished? You could probably get MORE for it than $1500. No kidding, my friend in Mt. P rents her place out for way more because she gets international grad students etc. looking for furnished places.
    Do NOT listen to the youthful, underemployed naysayers on POP! $1500 is an excellent deal considering how hot CH is nowadays.
    Make sure to mention “crawling distance to Meridian Pint and Wonderland” in your posting.

  • i have a place almost next door and it seems just a bit high to me at $1450-1500. if you need to rent it out that soon may make financial sense to take a small hit per month rather than see it sit fallow for a full month. I also know a great property manager since you will be out of town and may not have the time to handle anything that comes up. michael

  • Depending on the square footage I would ask for $1500-1600 furnished, $1400-1500 unfurnished. It’s a really hot area and a great location. On the other hand, since your move has forced your hand you might need to take a hit in order to rent it out quickly enough for you.

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