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  • I don’t know. I would say it’s a good deal, but considering all the crime and projects in that lil neck of the woods, I would decline the studio altogether.

  • The crime at this particular location isn’t any higher or lower than in other parts of Columbia Heights. I live near this building, and I love the area. However, this particular building has to be one of the worst in the general vicinity. I suppose if you really wanted a place to yourself instead of having roommates and you’re on a budget, this could be ok.

    Oh Also- during the Fall the Cardozo marching band practices outside directly across the street until about 8:00pm some days. Awesome entertainment, but loud.

  • This apartment looks very Travis Bickle-esque

  • Oops that’s 1/2 block to that huge scary public housing project. I love what’s happening on 11th Street and even the inconvenient-for-my-commute beautification/narrowing of Sherman Street but I would not rent anything near there until Garfield Terrace is torn down ala Cabrini Green.

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