Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights (Reader Request)

This rental is located at 13th and Irving St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“1 Br apartment available early January. Tenants relocating and apartment wont last long. Current tenants have been the only renters since remodeled in 2007. New SS appliances, berber carpets and tile throughout. Shared patio in backyard. Great Neighbors. 1 block to Columbia Heights Metro. ALL utilities included in rent (Dish TV, Water, Electric, Internet, Phone local and long distance, ADT Security). Apartment is ready to move in with no worries about hooking up any utilities. Apartment Available Mid January to the right tenants. Accepting applications immediately. Pets considered. Reduced rent negotiable if you take on utilities.”

The reader writes:

“My landlord is really awesome, responsive and has made the rent all inclusive for the next tenants! The place is really turn-key. Utilities included are: ADT security system, Dish network (HUGE HD package with everything, all the premium channels), phone, internet, water/sewer, and electric. And a really nice full size washer and dryer.

And the next door neighbors have been a Garden of the Day before”.

What do you guys think – does $2100 sound reasonable?

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  • I wouldn’t pay 2100 to live in a basement, but I’m sure someone will. It’s a great location, but I think some of the utilities (phone, premium TV package, security system) aren’t necessary and probably drive up the price a little bit.

  • Seems unlikely you could find someone who A) Can afford to spend $2000+ on rent and B) Is willing to live in Columbia Heights.

  • There are apparently plenty of people who will spend ~2k on rent in CH … but they’re all in the new luxury buildings.

    If this apt had a 2nd bedroom I think the price would make sense.

  • That sounds expensive to me. I feel like I’d be willing to pay 1600-1700 and deal with the utilities myself.

  • Somebody will probably pay this, but I wouldn’t in a million years.

    Could get a luxury apartment in another part of town and spend several hundred dollars per month on taxis before coming close to this rent.

  • You could get a 2 bedroom house for a few hundred more per month.

  • I agree with everyone else – way too expensive for a basement apartment, in spite of the nice location. I think a more reasonable price is 1600-1800.

  • Ok, so it was 2.5 years ago, but I lived in a 1br basement one block from there for $1100. The interior doors were hallow and crappy, but otherwise it didn’t look much different from this place, and was in great shape.

    I can’t imagine what would make this worth $1000 more. That’s nuts.

    Also, basement life is sad and horrible.

  • $2100 is a bit much to live below sea level and have no parking. I pay $1950 w/parking in a 3 y/o bldg for 700 sq ft at 14th & V on the 4th floor… w/a view.

  • too ‘spensive. would be a good deal for one person for 1600 all inclusive.

  • I looked at Park Triangle about a year ago, and they had one bedrooms for about 1,800, not in a basement, and with all the amenities that come with living in a big apartment building, so I’m going to say this one is a bad deal, even with utilities included.

  • Too expensive for a one bedroom basement. I rent out a 2bd/2bath basement on Holmead for $2200 with about 1300sq ft….this is probably much smaller.

  • terrible deal. i wouldn’t spend more than 1500 tops for that apartment. It’s probably worth more like 1250, but that’d be a deal. no way it’s worth over 2k. but someone’ll pay it.

  • Overpriced. I charge $1,500.00 for a nicer, brighter (but also basement) 1 bedroom apt. on Irving St. one block from this place – closer to metro, with most of the same amenities.

    • You do know you could be getting hundreds more? Just because you underprice, doesn’t mean other people who charge more are overpriced.

      • I look at what’s available on the market, what average incomes are, what my costs are and what seems fair. (My tenant still pays electric – which can be 50-80 more a month.) I always get good happy tenants at this price.

        I also consider general price points for shared housing, basement rentals, location etc. I still think someone willing to pay $2,100.00 a month has a lot of better options.

        • I don’t know what to tell you. You could list at $1700 today and still get plenty of qualified happy renters. Right now, CH is renting rooms in group houses for $1000 – $1250. That’s the market telling you that CH is so hot that grown men and women are willing to pay $15k/year to live like they did in college.

          You’re asking $1500 w/ utilities except electric. Your net rent is maybe $1425. Really not much different from someone paying $1250 + utils for a room — someone who is compelled to live with 2 strangers.

          • If you’re renting a room in a group house in Columbia Heights for $1250 you’re either an idiot or have a 500 SQF room with a private bath. A cursory CL search will reveal tons of sub 1000 shares in Columbia Heights.

          • I’ve got to call you out. No one in their right mind would pay over a grand for a room in a shared house in C’Heights unless it was the Master Bedroom, with a private en suite bathroom, and completely renovated, gleaming common spaces. The going rent is 800-900, and you can find places for 700 if you look hard enough.

            Regarding the 2200 1 bedroom — it is overpriced by 300 dollars.

          • “CH is renting rooms in group houses for $1000 – $1250”

            Notice I didn’t say -all- rooms rented for that much.

            But I can see how it’s unclear — should’ve added “as much as” — which makes my point. People are living with strangers for somewhat close to what that guy was renting his basement for.

    • My lease is up in June 1. We should talk. $1500 for a 1 bedroom basement apt is the right price. 2100 is nuts!

  • $2100 sounds nuts for a 1BR basement apartment – unless there’s something about it that makes it special (besides the proximity to Metro).

  • 2100 is really expensive for a one beddroom basement. You can find a high rise in the same area for cheaper. That place is way over price. My mortgage isn’t 2100 and I get two bedrooms in columbia heights what a jip.

  • I pay $1500 for a 4th floor with all the same amenities but with all hardwood floors. Who do these people think they are? DC is becoming un-livable to even a white collar 30 something in DC who has standard living requirements. This is ridiculous especially at the corner of Irving and 13th which is a high crime section of CH.

    • 13th and Irving is a “high crime” section of Columbia Heights? Really? The 1300 block of Columbia has had its issues… but I’m not sure about that claim.

      Regardless, the rent for this place is ridic. I pay $2200 on the same block for a 2BR/2BA above ground.

  • $25,000 per year to live in a basement? Come to NE, people, and get a three bedroom house with off street parking for much less than this per month.

    Time to start pushing back on these insane rents.

    • Shhhh, all the NW renters coming to NE will raise our rents. I like my large row house with off street parking and short walk to metro and nightlife for little rent (little for DC anyways).

  • +1 much too expensive.

    The idea of comparing this closely with the nearby luxury apartments is ludicrous. not only to they have amenities (like a gym) they also have the extreme benefit of *not a basement* .

    I think 1700 + utilities sounds about right.

    • $1700 is a little less than what the cheapest luxury 1 bedroom apartment rents for ($1860) above the metro a block over.

      But there are also hidden fees — $500/year for their basic amenities. I think other services may cost more as well, like gym access and whatnot.

  • These people are smoking crack if they think they’re going to get that much.

  • when are the meetings of the dc branch of the rent is too damn high party? this could be on their campaign materials.

  • The commetariat has spoken: overpriced. I feel bad for the poor sap from Kansas that’ll rent this place for $2100.

  • These people straight masturbating themselves with these prices!

  • Overpriced! I’m one block away at 13th & Kenyon, in a non-condo 1BR/1BA nestled in a renovated albeit charming Victorian. I’m above ground with several windows and ample natural light. My rent is $1300 + variable utilities (topped off at $150 for everything during The Blizzards of ’10).

    The shame. You can do better.

  • I have an 1 bedroom English Basement apartment in Columbia Heights. It’s over 900sq ft. Lots of windows. Fully renovated. It includes a parking space in a two car garage. A rear fenced in yard. All utilities also included. The rent is 1150. 3 blocks from the metro. So… $2100 is way to high!!

  • Looks more like 11th & Irving if it is indeed the house next door to “Garden of the day” that Pop linked here. Not a huge deal – but a bit off-putting whenever a poster isn’t really honest about location.

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