Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 1415 Chapin Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Columbia Heights/UStreet: Renovated Beaux-Arts Bldg: This is a Great Top Floor 1-Bedroom-Wood Floors throughout Living areas, Classic Checkerboard tile in bathroom, Brand New Carpet in Bdrm, Window Furnishing existing, New Decorator Paint, Black Appliances, Security, Weight Room, Sundeck. You can walk to shops & restaurants that are on block and under construction as well as stroll to everything that’s in Colombia Heights, Ustreet, Adams Morgan. This apartment is centally located between all three!!”

I’m thinking $1390 for a top floor 1 bedroom at this location sounds pretty good. You guys?

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  • I’d be curious to see the building as it is kind of hit or miss on that part of 14th. Also, your top floor unit will have a nice view of that vacant lot there that is about to become a huge constructions site for a new condo building…

  • I have a friend who refers to that stretch of 14th street as “Fallujah”.

    • I totally agree with your friend, however, I still say it is a GREAT deal. I bet they could rent it out for $1600.

    • Knowing what Chapin Street was like 5-10 years ago, that’s just being silly. It looks good to me.

    • I’ll grant that that area of 14th street is relatively sparse, but I live a further up on 14th (and Girard) and that’s just a d*ck comment. You don’t want to live on 14th street, fine. But comparing a depressed stretch between U Street and 14th with some violent crime with an awful war zone? I don’t even consider myself particularly patriotic, but I’m offended by that. Not going to stop you or your friends, but, like most examples of idiocy, saying nothing makes people think what they are saying is okay. /rant over/

  • No mans land, I’d say not worth it, but not outrageous. Maybe a good deal at $1200.

    • Not really. It’s pretty close to U Street. And Adams Morgan. And Harris Teeter. And it’s nice having the park right there.

  • I need to revisit this area, the Fallujah comment seems appropo, I still think of it as Stabbyville after all the muggings my friends have endured crossing through that area to get somewhere fun. But I’ve only lived in DC for 19 years.

  • As someone who lives directly across the street, I’d say go for it! I love being close to Meridian Park, and U street/Columbia Heights/AM are all really only a 5-10 minute walk. U street is especially close and there’s lots of people always coming from that area. But of course on the other hand… walking north or west from Chapin to Columbia Heights or AM through the neighborhood at *night* can be a bit sketchy…

    Oh, and the construction that recently started could be a good point for negotiation…

  • I rented in this building for a year with my husband and dog. We loved it, and miss it a lot (we’ve since moved to the burbs). Everyone in the building is really friendly and dog-friendly. The Beaux-Arts style of the building interior is very cool, and the rooftop deck has a great view of the city. Parking was decent. The Malcom X park is right down the street. The sketchy looking people on the street are actually quite friendly, even the young man who cleans his car while openly smoking a joint. I was never afraid walking around here. And there is no where you want to go in the city that you can’t walk to from this location.

    We paid slightly more for our rental, so I think this is a great deal. I say, go for it!

  • This was my apartment! As the previous tenant of this apartment, I would say this is an awesome place to live in. As others said, it is a close walk to a multitude of cool places. The apartment is a good size for 1 and can be comfortable for a couple. The landlord is awesome and easy to get along with. The rooftop deck has the best view I have seen of the city and is PERFECT for the 4th of July fireworks on the mall and surrounding areas. I would definitely recommend this place.

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