Uptowner Cafe Closes in Adams Morgan?

“Dear PoP,

Walked by Uptowner on 18th today and noticed that it’s already closed!! I didn’t think the place would last long from the few times I had been in there and am not at all surprised that it’s already closed. Know what’s going in there in the future? Oh man I hope it’s a good Vietnamese or Korean restaurant!”

Wow, Uptowner Cafe had opened up in May ’10 in the long vacant Carribou Coffee space at 2421 18th St NW. Their other locations including the one in Columbia Heights remain open.

I tried to confirm by phone but the call went straight to voicemail. Anyone know when/if the Adams Morgan location closed? Is it possible it’s just a temporary/holiday closing? If the closing is permanent I fear the space may remain vacant for a number of years again…

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  • Somewhat related–does any one know if it’s true Adams Mill (the bar where 18th/columbia/adams mill/calvert all intersect) is closing soon?

    • Word is that BB&T purchased the whole building and that Adams Mill is on its way out to be replaced by another establishment of some sort. Apparently the bank wasn’t a big fan of it’s neighbor.

  • doubtful it’s temporary: all furniture gone, glass display case gone, coolers gone, menus removed, …

    This is a great location with good potential and I too would love to see something promising go in. Uptowner was over it’s head from the start; they never carried half the stuff they listed on their menu and their display case was only ever close to being full just once – the day they opened.

  • As has been discussed here before, it’s highly unlikely that this location will ever house a full-service restaurant, because there are no provisions for the ventilation systems that would be necessary for cooking food.

  • The Uptowner is garbage. At least the one in CH is. Downtown, there are about seven lunch spots near Metro Center that are run by Korean folk, yet we have a severe lack of decent Korean restaurants?

    OPEN A KOREAN RESTAURANT, for god’s sake. Stop trying to outJew us Jews with these crappy delis that lack any real identity. You’ve got a fromage plate? Really? I can have a Dr. Brown’s with some fromage?

    OK, maybe I came off as a little racist. But I’m not! I swear. Just not PC. I guess.

  • wow… this is really too bad. i frequent the Uptowner in CH at least once a week. they are always very good, consistent, and really friendly service. i was really hoping the adams morgan location would work out for them. maybe there just isn’t enough of a lunch crowd.

  • I am thinking that when the Starbucks moved into the “cursed” corner at Columbia & 18th, the curse had to move somewhere and settled in at 2421 18th. Maybe it is following that cute Greek lady who runs the Little Shop of Flowers.

  • jumbo slice?

  • I am not surprised. I had such high hopes for this place, and gave it several chances, but it was just a “miss” every time.

    My dissatisfaction was mainly due to unannounced early closings…for example, during finals season, I was geared to stay in till about 7-8 one day… At around 3:45, I happened to overhear the employee telling another customer they were going to close at 4. WTH? When was she going to tell me?

    One of the employees told me there were real problems with the owner being a tight-ass, bad with his employees, etc.

  • Also is Snap (the crepes place) closed permanently? I noticed their gate has been down for the past few nights while walking home.

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