Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 4th St SE and D St SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“1 Br/1Ba Beautiful frontage in the heart of Capitol Hill.
Private front & back entry, street-level apt. (ground-level of a beautiful house)
3 blocks (4-minute walk) to Eastern Market metro and 4 blocks to Capitol South metro.
8-block stroll to the desert & jungle all winter (the free & beautiful U.S. Botanic Gardens).

On a quiet street 1 block from PA Ave. and oodles of restaurants, shops & cafes. This world famous area of world leaders, celebrities, activists and spies actually has a quiet backdrop of fun, & down-home friendliness, so this area is more like a small town or village. You’re surrounded by parks, restaurants, pub. transit, music & the arts.

* Open & spacious bedroom & living room
* Washer & dryer
* Large closet
* Radiant heat & A/C
* Beautiful exterior & interior (shoeless)
* Street-level walk-in apt. (not a basement) w/private front & back entrances
* Fully renovated Bathroom and updated airy Kitchen (w/gas stove),

If you’re Interested…
If you (or you two) live shoeless indoors, and have your fun w/out cigarettes nor pet nor pipe, this may be the inspiring spot you’ve been looking for. Only serious (no humorless) applicants please. Any questions, or to arrange an appointment;

We’d like a 1-2-year lease with 1 month security deposit and 1 months rent upfront. There is also a $45 application fee per applicant (what we pay for Ur credit check).

The apartment will be available in mid December-early January. We’ll post photos later of the apartment—we’re finishing some renovations. The house has a beautiful façade.”

This one jumped out at me for a couple of reasons. First the title says, “Oh Bliss! the best, safest & friendliest location in the heart of…” which made me laugh. And the second was the part that says – “If you (or you two) live shoeless indoors” really made me scratch my head. That has to be one of the more unusual caveats I’ve read in one of these ads.

Anyway, does $1700 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • I live a few blocks from here. Depending on how big this apartment is it seems a big high. Although, I gotta say between the whole ‘shoeless’ thing (its mentioned twice) and all the mandatory questions it seems like more work then its worth.

  • Price is high and landlords sound insufferable. Application fee is inflated too. Would not touch this one.

  • These landlords=crazy talk. Sounds like a red flag to me. Plus they are still remodeling and cannot commit to a move in time- how do you manage that? You can get a great 1BR most places in the city for less then this.

  • Yeah, it does kind of look like a neat place but I would look elsewhere based on the tone of the ad. These landlords sound a wee bit kooky and seem to be looking for one of their own kind (whatever that is, but it ain’t me) to rent to.

  • I have never heard of something like a landlord requiring their tenant not to wear shoes?!? If you’re paying rent, it’s your HOME, you’re not a houseguest.

    • No different than requiring the tenant not to smoke. Both are somewhat degrading to the rental unit. But just as you can usually sneak smokes in smokeless apartments, you can probably wear shoes in this one with them knowing.

  • No photos of the actual inside of the apartment, but a photo of Yards Park (which is ten blocks away)? Weird. Much better deals than this on the Hill.

  • This ad is all awkward foreplay, and then doesn’t deliver. If the place can’t be shown until a month from now, then don’t advertise until then.

    I give the prose 2 out of 5 stars. It starts out engagingly enough, but then quickly devolves into a series of incoherent demands.

    • Agreed. Most rentals expect the tenant to move in within a month, so most people won’t start looking until less than one month beforehand.

  • Fourth Street and D!

  • The application questions and weird ad will drive away anyone except those willing to put up with OCD landlords (I’ll assume they live upstairs) who will no doubt be checking up to see how you’re treating their place every couple weeks. Also for $1700 it better be a really awesome 1-bedroom.

    Also I love how they say “ground floor NOT A BASEMENT” but really it’s a basement. Or at least an english basement.

  • Agree with all of the above but i bet it’s a sweet apt. There seems to be a
    Japanese influence hence the no shoe rule.

  • if you can pass the landlords’ test/demands, you can tell they’re gonna try to become your best friends. awful.

  • Shoeless? No way would I ever move somewhere that my landlords felt a need to dictate my footware. WTF?

  • I can already see what will happen in two years…”Dear PoP, my landlords won’t let me wear shoes. Have you ever heard of something like this before, and is there anyone I can call for help?”

  • I’m surprised the shoeless requirement is such a sore spot for so many people. It’s normal for landlords to forbid certain behaviors, such as smoking or living with animals. Just as it’s unlikely a smoker would give up smoking, or a pet owner give up their pet, just to live in a certain apartment, those who normally would be playing by the landlord’s rules probably don’t see it as a problem.

  • I was raised to take off my shoes in the house, but it still seems weird to care that much. And expensive.

  • It wouldn’t bother me too much, I remember my friends had some girls who lived upstairs who sounded like they were clog dancing in the kitchen every night, it gets old.

  • My landlord requires me to be bra-less.

  • Beggars can’t be choosers: if they want to be extremely picky about their tenant, they’re going to have to lower the rent substantially.

  • For what it’s worth, 4th Street isn’t a particularly quiet street. It’s a one-way street with mostly stop signs so it gets really busy during afternoon rush hour and is fairly heavily traveled other times of the day. If the place fronts D Street, it would be fairly quiet.

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