Today’s Judging Restaurants Has Been Postponed Due to Major Rant – US Loses 2022 World Cup Bid

Photo of 2010 World Cup Final in Dupont Circle by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

Based on this summer’s world cup conversations – I know we have a lot of soccer fans in PoPville. And well misery loves company. The US has lost its bid to host the 2022 world cup to Qatar. I can’t really form words at the moment. BLAH. Since I don’t want to release a tirade of curse words – blah will have to do.

I haven’t been this disappointed since I learned I would never reach my ideal height of 5’8 – like then I don’t think my expectations were too lofty yet my hopes and dreams have been crushed once again.

Anyone think Qatar was a good choice to host the Cup?

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  • Might have to do w/FIFA not wanting its players, officials, and fans subjected to the pornoscanner/grope-o-matic and possibly then held indefinitely and/or tortured.

    • Or maybe they’re afraid of the Green and Yellow lines.

    • This.

      The US makes it a huge pain in the butt for foreigners to visit (90-day wait for an expensive in-person visa interview at the US embassy 400 miles away? That ain’t gonna win the Nigerian representative’s vote). And once you get your visa and you show up in the US, you are greeted by the world’s nastiest, rudest, and most gratuitously offensive border agents, who (if you’re of the non-white-foreigner persuasion) will be quite inclined to send you to an overcrowded waiting room in the airport basement, where you will spend several hours incommunicado with a hundred of your new brown/black/yellow friends, awaiting interrogation, after which you might get let in to the country, or you might get deported on an agent’s ‘hunch’ or whim.

      And the hassles don’t end at the border: there are few, if any, countries that have more stupidly degrading airport security. The TSA will see you naked, or grope your junk, or you don’t fly (meanwhile, the FedEx package riding in the cargo hold goes unexamined, oblivious to the moronic security theater passengers are subjected to).

      There’s a lot right about the US. But the way it treats foreign air travelers ain’t one of ’em. There’s no way the US deserved to host these world games.

      • The nasty screening starts even before you get on the plane. It’s sad coming back to America standing at the airport past the point where everyone else went through security in the SECOND SPECIAL security line that is just for poeple going to America getting swabbed for chemicals while the people going everywhere else in the world are standing around smoking cigarettes and lauging at you.

      • I seriously considering shipping myself!!

  • ehhh it was hard to get excited about something 12 years away. Also the US did host in 94,so I would have been surprised if we got it again so soon.

    • Since when is almost 30 years “so soon”?

      • Oh dear lord. I was at some of those ’94 games in Palo Alto. Has it really be so long? I’m old.

      • since it’s been almost 50 + years since England has held one.

        • 1) England ruined their own chances for this recent bid
          2) Although not exactly the same, the World Cup has been held in Western Europe/EU 5 times since England in 66, 3 of the last 6, and at least every other Cup from inception until Brasil 2014

          • re: your 2nd point, go ahead and try to sell that logic to a German or a French person and see what kind of response you’ll get.

            Hey I’m not thrilled we got the snub, but again, I wasn’t expecting it.

    • Well, Mexico hosted two World Cups only 16 years apart from each other so, why not? It’s all about the money, not about history. I mean, c´mon… Qatar? Seriously? They’ve never been close to make it to a WC and players will be lucky if they get to play under 90ºF

  • I’m kinda bummed. I only care about soccer during the World Cup and it would have been fun to attend some matches.

  • ARGH! USA could maybe possibly host in 2026 at the earliest! Silver lining is that China won’t be in the running then. Damn you world cup for only happening once every four years!

  • Huge fan of the game. Didn’t ever want it here. Congrats to Russia for 2018.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Wait, what!?!? You really didn’t want it here? Why not?

      • It’s the greatest sport on earth but FIFA is corrupt as hell. I haven’t seen any convincing evidence that the event boosts the host’s economy. Plus, after enjoying the bitching & whining of the non-fans while it was on TV from South Africa (not just from ordinary citizens but from goddamned “professional” sportscasters), can’t imagine the wincing and wheezing if it was here (and yet so many of us can keep a polite tone during the NFL playoffs… funny, innit?). … and besides, damn, USA just had the thing in ’94. Let’s mix it up a bit.

        So Russia and Qatar win the prize. Let the games begin. I’ll stake my claim at a comfy barstool today and start the vigil.

        • And now you won’t have to get up so damn early, Gary!

        • It is ridiculous to claim that the WC wouldn’t boost our economy. Other nations, like Qatar and SA, must spend billions on infrastructure, including stadiums. We are a turnkey host. Pretty much all profit.

          Maybe it’ll work, but on it’s face the choice of Qatar looks really stupid.

          • Quatar is a stupid choice?

            They don’t need the money from tourism. They are swimming in money. I gaurantee their stadiums will be the envy or the whole world by the time the WC comes and they won’t even bat an eye about the cost.

            do a google image search of Doha and tell me you think they don’t have the money. The US on the other hand is a liability. 8 years is a long time and the country is on its way down. Who knows if the stadiums build in the 60s and 70s will hold out till then and if not – will the US be able to afford fixing them or building new ones?

          • My point that Qatar needs to spend money was made in regard to the US “profiting” by hosting. It was unrelated to my belief that Qatar looks stupid to me at this point. I know they wipe with benjamins over there, praise allah. They are not a soccer nation and playing indoors is arguably an abomination, for starters. (Sorry haters, we are absolutely a soccer nation by plenty of standards.) Oh, and how about it’s a tiny dictatorship with religious law, including no alcohol? I’m certain they’ll pull it off in some form, but the world should gather and celebrate in places where people are free.

          • Oh, plus you don’t know anything about stadiums in the US, doomsayer.

      • Gotta agree with IntangibleArts on this one. I’m a huge football fan but there’s really no excuse for FIFA not to award the WC to a country that hasn’t hosted before. And yes, they are corrupt.

  • Nuff Said: From Wikipedia: “Qatar bans the importation of alcohol and it is a punishable offense to drink alcohol or be drunk in public. Offenders may incur a prison sentence or deportation. Alcohol is, however, available at licensed hotel restaurants and bars, and non-Muslim expatriates living in Qatar can obtain alcohol on a permit system at the Qatar Distribution Center, the only distributor allowed to sell alcohol.”

  • First major global sporting event to be held in the Middle East in our lifetimes – nice to see them get included and have a chance to have their day in the sun – I think it’s a wonderful and well-deserved idea

  • I work at the DoD. Two people I work with just for DEPLOYED to Qatar.

    They will get HAZARD PAY while there.

    • QUATA is not DANGEROUS. It’s probably LESS DANGEROUS than Living in DC. Do you realize that people in other countries hear about the murders in cities like DC and are shocked this is happening in a modern nation? Actually Murder rate in Quatar is 1.2 / 100,000 – in the US it is around 6 /100,000 and in DC itself it is roughly 46 / 100,000.

      If your friends are getting hazard pay perhaps they are lying where they are REALLY going.

      Unless of course, you can point to some major crime or deadly incident there in recent history?

      • me

        It’s QATAR. Please stop spelling this wrong. And you DO get hazard pay when you go to Doha- you’re just guessing and don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Maybe you get hazard pay but that doesn’t mean there is hazard. It is still much safer than any large US city.

  • Oil and bribes bought 2022 for Qatar

  • We’re the least soccer inclined country on the planet, why the hell would they bring it here again? Enjoy the Super Bowl.

  • I’m mostly annoyed that Brazil and Russia are getting both the World Cup and the Olympics in the same year. Brazil gets FIFA and the Summer Olympics in 2012, and Russia gets FIFA and the Winter Olympics in 2018.

    Come on, spread the joy of the world’s largest international sporting events across the globe, instead of hording it in two countries.

    • I wonder if that is a factor though – building up the infrastructure for one event makes it more qualified to host another. Though Russia is hosting the Olympics in 2014 not 2018.
      Methinks they just need to have these big events more often so that they can be enjoyed in more places.

    • Look – Olympics are in a CITY – World cup is hosted by a COUNTRY.

      The City where the olympics will be is not one of the cities where the world cup will be. Besides – who cares about the olympics anyway.

    • You know the same poeple are not making decisions about both events right?

  • Its 105 degrees on average there in June and can get up to 120. Great pick FIFA.

    • South Korea will win the Cup in Quatar. Heat and South Koreans go together really well-they will outrun everyone..

    • Yea, actually you should see the sample designs. They are building multi-billion dollar air condicioned stadiums. It will be amazing rather than the decrepid 1970s stadiums in the US.

  • Awww! You are short but sweet, Dan!

  • The USA is a declining country, and many other nations now have stronger economies, better infrastructure, more development, better technology, and more money to spend. Get used to more and more “snubs” by the international community in the future. Our collective view of where the USA stands in the world is skewed.

  • I’m 5’11 but wishes I was 6’3.

    You know how many women dig a guy thats about that height….. sigh

  • At first I thought this was really awful, but now I’m starting to think it could be pretty cool. Olympics are hosted by a city and not a country so I don’t think the size of Qatar is much of a factor. Plus the a/c’ed stadiums and the idea that they’ll donate and move them after the tournament is an interesting idea. They’ve made concessions on alcohol so thats a non-issue.

    I am very excited for Russia to host though. Doubt I’ll go, but I bet it is a blast.

  • just fly qatar airlines once and it’ll change all your perceptions about hospitality and alcohol in an arab country

    • Qatar Airlines rocks. We flew them on our honeymoon right after they started the non-stop from Dulles to Doha and it was awesome. The leg to Nairobi, not so much, but that didn’t surprise me one bit.

  • More than anything I’m just pissed about what it means for viewing times. Both Moscow and Doha are 8 hours ahead of the East Coast. This is one hour more than WC2010 in S. Africa. I was less than enthused about waking up to watch some matches at 7 AM this past summer. Now I’ll have to do it for 2 in a row in 2018 and 2022. Even Japorea 2002 was better because you could stay up to watch some of the matches between 10 PM and 2 AM.

    • That’s a good point.

      It’s worth expatriating for, and there’s time to save up.
      At least a few time zones east.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I concur.

      • Living in Europe during Germany ’06 was fabulous. KO’s happened either at lunch, happy hour or evening. Made the whole event infinitely more enjoyable from a fan perspective. I guess Brazil will be better, but they are still 3 hours ahead so we are looking at late morning and late afternoon KO’s here. Could be worse I guess.

  • The good news is that if you become a Qatari citizen between now and 2022, there’s a good chance you’ll get a shot at playing in the World Cup. I believe the last qualifying team Qatar fielded featured seven men, three oryx and an eleven year-old girl.

    • You cannot become a Qatari citizen through naturalization. You have to have a Qatari father. No Arab country allows naturalization. They have extended periods of stay for expats, buy you cannot become a citizen or buy property. For property the norm is like a 100yr lease or something like that.

  • Deadspin does the decision justice here:

  • According to some analysis of the choices there is some thought that Quatar in 2022 is chosen in part to take out China from the running in 2026 since you can’t have the WC on the same continent twice in a row and they don’t separate Middle East from Asia in the bids. That and FIFA needs money and Quatar has it. Part of it’s pitch was that they were going to build indoor stadiums and then disassemble them after the games and donate them to needy countries. I have a feeling that they will regret their choice of Russia for 2018 given the current state of Olympics construction and the corruption surrounding that.

    • Bangladesh could use a decent venue that seats 100K or so with some luxury boxes, and I think a $1.5B stadium will solve all of Sudan’s problems.

    • They don’t separate Middle East from Asia probably becuase the middle east IS IN ASIA. Why on earth would they spearate it?

      As for Russia, the cities that are hosting already have 1st class stadiums so there is really little construction to be done.

      • so? the difference between europe and asia is a bit arbitrary.

        • Europe and Asia are divided along significant geological divisions such as giant mountain ranges etc. That and the middle east is not a continent so there is not even any reason to have this discussion

  • Leave it to you guys to defend the Qatar choice…

    • Would I like to live 20 min from a match location. Sure I would. Is Quatar a “stupid” choice? No – it will be interesting and they are more than capable of putting on a great cup.

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