Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Petworth (Reader Request)

This rental is located at 4014 Kansas Ave, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Come see this modern efficiency available for mid to late December move-in. Apartment is located on the 2nd floor of this 3 floor building. 2 coin-operated washers and dryers located in the basement of the building. Free parking available behind building. Rent includes water and gas. Tenant pays electric. Lease term is for one (1) year. Security deposit is $795 and application fee is $35 per applicant.”

The reader writes:

“Less than $800 seems insane so I’m curious if your readers would have any insight.”

Well, it won’t be luxury living so I actually think this is a fair price for an efficiency at this location. I wouldn’t consider this a super steal – I’m just saying this is normally priced. What do you guys think – $795 sound right for this efficiency?

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  • I own a house just down the street on Taylor with a 2bdr rental in the basement. We rent it for $1600, includes cable, wifi, water, sewer, garbage and the unit has in suite washer/dryer, full kitchen w/ dishwasher. It was brand new only a few monthss ago.

    If they get $800 for this dump, my place is renting a little low.

  • If you think $800 is a steal, you’ve been living in DC way too long.

    If you think $800 is normal, you’re right, but it’s still ridiculous by any standard outside the beltway. (Possibly excepting Manhattan and parts of SF.)

    • I think it would be the opposite.

      I came to DC 5 1/2 years ago. It was rare to find an apartment for $800 then, and even rarer to find an apartment for $800 now. But folks who have been here longer can probably recall a time when this would have gone for $100.

      • Interesting – I found an archived webpage showing that an efficiency at this address was advertising for $590/month in 2001. I wonder how much it rented for before the Metro station opened.

    • It’s pointless comparing D.C. rental places to that of other cities aside from NYC and SF. We all know it’s ridiculously high, so why continue pointing this out? The question is not whether this is reasonable compared to the rest of the nation, but if it’s fair in terms of comparable units in this city. For this price, I’m sure I could get a mortgage on a house in Iowa—but then I’d be living in Iowa.

  • it is what it is. a run down apartment building with the parolee check in office out back. $800 is not really a low price, as the place isn’t for everybody.

  • “modern” lol. Does not look nice by any means, but hard to tell how much of a dump it really is. Potentially a good deal with free parking and location…potentially a nightmare depending on condition / building management.

  • I know people who get $800 for a room in a lovely two-bedroom in columbia heights, with all utilities included. You need to include electric if you want to charge $800; otherwise you’ll have trouble renting this out. If you want to do it without electric, you won’t get much more than $750.

    • You really can’t compare sharing a 2-bedroom to having your own efficiency. The sharing scenario will always some out cheaper since each person only has 1/2 of the common areas.

      • Yet people here on this blog do it all the time, which I don’t get. A premium will always be paid to live alone so you can’t really compare it to a shared living arrangement. Just vastly different.

  • These buildngs were once beautiful and still could be. You can see the woodwork still in some places. I wish the owner would take the opportunity of a vacancy to spruce it up for existing and new renters.

  • As a resident of this building, I’d recommend not signing a lease here unless you’re ok with random people sleeping/having sex in the laundry room and very obvious drug dealing occurring.

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