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  • BFD. It’s a Subway with nice chairs. Unless there’s something special about the menu,I don’t see why anyone would go out of their way to eat here.

  • I’m guessing they’ll have some kind of special drink menu ala McDonalds? I would love to see someone choking down a foot-long meatball sub sitting on one of those leather chairs.

  • What unfortunate timing on this post. How ever will Belga Cafe (previous post) survive when juxtaposed with a juggernaut of cafe culture like Subway Cafe??? Better luck next time, Belga … I’m off for my latte and scones, fresh baked by Subway!!

  • Any dude who takes his first date here is totally getting laid. That or punched in the dick. At my age, they’re pretty much the same thing. They really need to put one of those alcohol fueled flameless fireplaces in that slate wall, to give it that Hef-approved look that gives the ladies the thigh sweats. Then wolf down a sammitch, vomit it on your date’s dress, and back to your place to get her out of those uninhabitable clothes.

    The rest is up to you, you sly dog.

  • Ugh, this shouldn’t even be news.

  • Damn, so much negativity. There’s a slim chance I’ll ever go here but whatever, it’s good to know it’s there. And for a part of the city that until fairly recently has been the domain of junkies and tranny prostitutes, a subway is better than nothing.

    • Well, as much as I don’t mind Subway’s food and eat a fair share of meals there, as a chain, it really does screw its franchisees with over-development. But I’m not that bleeding heart, so I’ll agree: I’ll take this $5 footlong over the alternative, previously available $5 footlong option you present.

  • That’s good news, but when is the new Chez Taco Bell opening?

  • Unless the “cafe” doesn’t have the distinct smell of vomit like all other Subways do (pretty sure it’s their bread baking), I wouldn’t make it through the front door.

  • Whatever, I hope this brings more shops and cafes to the area. There really aren’t too many decent bars or restaurants except for near the City Vista building. Subway Cafe wouldn’t be my choice, but it’s the chains that usually break ground first in transitioning areas. Hope there are more to come.

  • Disgusting that we would have 100 Subways in this city before A SINGLE Arby’s. This isn’t the America I grew up on. and for the record, Arby’s is the one that started the “fancy fast food restaurant” trend, NOT subway. Lots of Arby’s in the midwest have fireplaces and nice chairs to sit in AND the food is A HUNDRED times better.

    A stupid Subway cafe and we can’t get ONE Arby’s in the District of Columbia?? Incredible.

    • open one brother.

      • I would if I could– can’t tell you how many times i’ve emailed Arbys DEMANDING action on this. There used to be one in Georgetown and then they closed it for NO reason. There needs to be an Arby’s in Columbia Heights, and there needs to be one NOW.

  • Subway + two club chairs = cafe? Stupid.

  • The “cafe” part of the concept is supposedly the free Wi-Fi, slightly nicer decor, and a menu that includes paninis, gelato and Seattle’s best coffee.

    I live a half a block away and went once just to try it out. But it was the same basic tasteless Subway sandwich. With Taylor Gourmet equally close I’ll probably never be back. But Taylor has its critics so maybe the Subway will earn some of their business…

    What I’m looking forward too on this block is Sixth Engine.

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