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  • The Beer on the list lower down is good but the prices are absurd. It’s not like you can’t find these beers in the store or anything. If they brought in kegs from Belgium directly maybe – but seems like they went to the liquor store and then just charge double.

  • did you know: st. arnold was the patron saint of 9 dollar pints

  • $9 dollar pints are pretty pricey, but that is why you go for the full liter- ony $14 for twice as much beer! By my math, thats about $2 a pint!

    • Dude, you need to do “your” math before you get into the $14 pints. The actual cost is $6.628/pint (470 ml)for an American pint $7.98 for an Imperial pint (570 ml).

      (Bonus question: shouldn’t they pick one or the other, either English or metric, and not mix pints and liters on the same beer list?)

  • It’s hard to take a Belgian restaurant seriously when half the tap list are macro beers (most American owned and produced).

    And to echo, overall the beer prices are high.

    • Yes – this should be called a Belgian “THEMED” restaurant.

      • i only saw two references to Belgium on their website.
        they mentioned that they took a field trip to Brussels.
        and that the bar was based on “the Belgian beer concept “.

        i don’t think they are claiming any type of strict authenticity. it’s a place to hang out and drink.

        • Well it seems like authenticity is what would warrant the high prices. It seems like a couple of college students got high in Amsterdam, took the wrong train one day and ended up in Belgium and got the munchies, Came back to the states – got a waffle maker and hit up the whole foods beer section and started a restaurant.

    • i’ve had american beer at an irish bar. is that allowed?

      • Depends – if it is brewed to be “ice cold” and has a “new wider mouth for easy pouring” or a color changing label letting you know when it is at “party temperature” or any other effort the company makes to somehow “improve” their bottle but never change the shitty taste of their beer then no – it’s not allowed. Also if it is some good beer, like stone – but costs over $8 a pint then it’s also not allowed

  • saf

    Isn’t that the former Bacchus space?

  • If you order a $14 liter of Blue Moon, you should not be afforded the right to drink in public.

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