Smash Records Moves to Downstairs Space at 2314 18th St NW in Adams Morgan

I gotta admit that I miss the freaky legs that used to dangle over the second floor balcony. Anyone know how long they were in the 2nd floor space? The first floor space had been changing hands frequently and was most recently a beauty salon. Glad to see it has a good tenant again.

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  • Smash has been around for at least 20 years. amazing that they are still out there.

  • I believe they had been at this location on 18th for around four years.

  • Funny how back in the ’80s, Smash was widely criticized as a “poseur” punk shop due to its Georgetown location & customer base with spotless doc martens & manic-panic hair… So many fake-idealistic hardcore teens declared they were boycotting it for this reason, etc. … Then of course came the huge die-off of indie record stores. Arrogant bastards didn’t know how good you had it. Smash was the only place I was able to find super-rare hardcore LPs (Boskops from Germany, etc)

    Thankfully there’s been a great recovery of shops in town. Whoever owns it now, glad to have it.

    Pardon the old fart nostalgia there. Moving on…

  • Matt Moffatt and Daisy Lacy currently run Smash. Matt handles the record end and Daisy the clothes. Matt used to work for Smash when they were in Georgetown.
    They are doing well but should do even better at street level.
    Support you local record store(s)!

  • Seconding Neal’s “Support you local record store(s)!”

  • daisy worked at smash in georgetown too.

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