Reader Alert: More Car Break-Ins

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“Dear PoP,

Just want to let you know that my friends’ car was broken into on Christmas Eve around 9:30pm at Randolph St and 8th St. NW. As soon as it happened, they heard the alarm and ran outside but whoever did it had already left. My neighbor was outside and I had told him what happened and he proceeded to admonish me for telling them to park on
Randolph. He said that he had recently had his car broken into as well on the same corner. Apparently it’s a happenin’ spot for dudes looking for an easy break-in-and-out. Thanks!”

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  • It’s their turf, they can take what they want at anytime, and since they are kids, nothing will come of it. The Randolph St Boys or the 7th-N-Taylor crew perhaps?

    • Hmm, I always have to ask – who IS the 7th-N-Taylor crew? I live within a block of there and have no idea. There aren’t even any teenagers around…

      Very sorry to hear about the break-ins though and definitely hope you have reported it to the police. Car break-ins aren’t that common here…would be good to get it nipped in the bud. Good luck!

  • Did you report it to the police? This was happening in my neighborhood over by Sherman Circle and they caught the kids within a couple of nights. Remember, these kids crap where they eat, so they’re local and will have a pretty easy pattern for the cops to pick up – If they don’t already know who it is. The only way to get this to stop is to make it troublesome for the kids. Start snitchin’.

  • Petworth is so shady, I dont understand why property prices there are sky rocketing..

    • saf


      I’ve lived here since 1990. Before that I lived in Mt Pleasant, Adams Morgan, and Shaw.

      The only time my car has been broken into was in Bethesda.

  • Its not just Petworth – I was out walking my dog on Christmas night just after 9pm and there was a car broken into on R St NW between 18th & 19th. I spoke to the owners who were examining the damage and they had just left the car 10 minutes before it happened. The car was parked in front of their row house too. Luckily nothing had been taken.

    • I’ve had my car broken into at R and 19th too — also 7th in Chinatown and 16th in front of Meridian Hill Park over the years.

  • True, but people don’t get shanked and shot in Dupont on a regular basis, either…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Funny you should mention that I just got shanked for the 12 time in two weeks. Oh, actually I nor anybody I know have been shanked or shot in 8 years… Not to say that crime doesn’t exist but it needn’t be exaggerated either.

      I did once receive warm stew and fresh baked cookies from a neighbor.

      • Petworth is going through some growing pains – it is evident through crime statistics and anecdotes that this is the case.

        Please note that I never said that good things cannot happen in Petworth, nor that bad things cannot happen in Dupont. You are putting words in my mouth, and your strawman argument is fooling nobody.

        • The internet is serious business!!

        • Petworth is getting better all the time. Not too long ago, this issue would have been met with”Meh, you live in the city, get over it” or the classic: “Go back to the Burbs!”

          Growing pains sure enough.

          Everything has to be reported to the police. Sure, you won’t get your stuff back, but they’ll be closer to nailing whoever it is. . .

  • I had my car broken into twice on Florida Ave, right near Georgia Ave. No big surprise there. The only thing ever taken was my owner’s manual.

  • It seems like smash and grabs are happening on a daily basis in my new neighborhood, near 14th and T. Really disappointing.

  • Saw a ripped apart suitcase in the alley outside my house near Saint Ex on Christmas Eve morning. Thought to myself: “boy my neighbors are slobs.” Took the dogs for a walk a couple of hours later and saw a sign a couple blocks away offering a reward for a stolen suitcase. Put two and two together and called the phone number; sure enough, it was her suitcase. The poor young women had arrived to DC at 2 am the night before and figured she’d wait until the morning to unpack the car. Bad idea.

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