Random Reader Rant and/or Revel – Merry Christmas Edition

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this short week? Any fun travel plans?

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  • I saw a coyote in Mount Pleasant the other night! Beautiful animal. Happy hunting, my friend.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rantsville: Cat caught a mouse and killed it (yay), but she insisted on playing with it by throwing it up in the air and batting it around. I got no sleep because I kept thinking she would find another and bring it into bed to play with it. She slept like a baby once the fun was over.

    Later this afternoon I get to have a meeting with all my bossmen about my poor performance. I think they have unrealistic expectations, but my opinion does not count. Fun times.

    Meanwhile all the feds get to leave early and my performance will be even worse because I have to pick up the slack for them.

    Rave: No work tomorrow.

    • Tell them it’s more important that you read PoP’s blog than focus on work and I’m sure they will understand!

    • It’s obvious that you are a federal contractor and I feel your pain. I understand that many are looking for work and having a hard time, but many fed contractors are in a no-win situation and are completely disrespected in the workplace. This workforce needs to get organized to get fair treatment by both the often completely unaccountable/ selfish federal clients and their greedy private employers.

      Stay tough!

      • Emmaleigh504

        The feds for the most part are really nice, because they used to be contractors. It’s that we have different rules that bugs me and most of those different rules come from my company which is annoying.

        I’m also overly grumpy this morning, so the littlest thing pisses me off.

    • FWIW, not *all* Feds get to leave early, and some of us work holidays thanks to being “emergency essential.” So, at least thank your stars that you get time off for holidays.

      • And some of us are non-essential, and are working anyway because the work has to be done. Today, tomorrow, and Sunday. In addition to most weekends and late week nights. Merry Christmas to you, Fed Contractor! I hope you enjoy your weekend.
        Rant: The assumption that all feds are lazy, overpaid bums.
        Rave: Knowing that beyond job security, my hard work is appreciated and as a result, I will be able to take my a*s to the private sector and get paid a pretty penny some day (if I so choose).

        • hrmpfh… try being a hospital employee. No day is sacred.

        • I believe a day out of the office for a holiday was originally intended to reflect or celebrate for a reason. Christmas is a time to rejoice in the birth of Christ, our Savior. Is this why you’re so upset? Because your celebration of the Lord’s birth has been impeded by working? If so, I completely feel for you. If that’s not your intention for the time out of the office…get back to work.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yay meeting was painless!

      And I do thank my lucky stars that I get holidays off b/c many of the feds at my working place come in anyway. I feel for them.

      And now back to work in a way less grumpy mood!

  • Rave: Thanks to Pablo, I now know what I want from Santa, a beautiful woman in a wrapped box with a bow 😉

  • Rave: girl next door in box
    Rant: Brian Brown’s universal machine and other s%&t on his porch!! You poor taste slob giving the finger to the neighborhood with the universal machine and anna cooper plaque on the cmu half finished wall!

  • Rant: Brian Brown’s yard and porch
    Rant: feds that brag about being hard workers and job security to make up for the guilt they feel from getting paid by tax dollars to play tetris, obsess over busty naturals and read PoP

  • The World’s most-watched tv show, “Top Gear” (the UK edition, not the one on the History Channel), with a weekly viewing total of over 300 million, just came through DC in their Christmas special (aired the other night in the UK). I can’t say that they showed it much love! Check it out here: http://www.streetfire.net/video/top-gear-15×07-20101221_2100203.htm (starts at 38:55 and lasts for all of 30 seconds).
    It does make me wonder though; which quadrant in the city has the sketchiest block?

  • Rant: Why is the National Christmas Tree so ugly? Couldn’t we think of something prettier than lots of green lights? (Am I the only one that thinks it is ugly?)

    Rave: Today, I’ll be leaving the office while the sun is still out!

  • I’m right now at am ice co; Never before have I had so little pork in a sandwich that I could barely taste the meat over the bread! Thumbs DOWN! 5 dollars for pbr and ‘slim’ sandwiches WTF!?

  • waaaaaaahmbulance…


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