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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

Is this a full work week or do most have Friday off? Monday off?

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  • Combined rant/rave: last night, we were somehow left picking up the pieces of a domestic dispute that spilled out of a car driven by a drunk and involved three kids and three other adults. I drove the two women and the kids home after MPD showed up; my husband called a cab and let the guy wait inside our house so he didn’t freeze to death in the meantime.

    I am glad we were there and able to help out, but can’t stop thinking about the kids and their mothers (one of whom was married to the drunk guy who drove off) all sobbing in the back of my car. Did the drunk guy get into an accident after he took off? Did he go home and finish beating the crap out of his wife? Did one of the kids get in the middle of it? Is the baby, who was sick with a cold, doing any better? Is anyone going to end up deported because we called the police? Why were half of them not wearing coats? Would they be completely offended if we sent them a Target gift card?

    Why is doing the “right” thing so complicated?

    • It’s not complicated – you did well. You do what you can with what you’ve got at the time and accept that you can’t change a lot of things. But since you know where they live I think it would be really fun for santa to anonymously drop off a christmas present of kid’s coats – or even just hats & mittens and some little games. There are lots of puzzles & card games in the $5.00 range at Target.

      • Yeah, don’t send a gift card or else the abusive husband will likely spend it all on himself.

        Also, maybe you could find some support/service groups that are conveniently located and could help them out with their situation, and include that information in the package. Do you think they could understand it if it were in English?

    • Props for helping… It’s nice to know there are decent people left in the world. I agree with Victoria on the gift idea.

      • Thanks. We couldn’t not help. I was just getting home and the two older kids were immediately up against my car window, crying and begging for help. My husband had heard the argument and came running out of the house with 911 on the line. And it was freezing cold.

        That Target sells beer definitely crossed my mind when debating a gift card. The older kids had coats and I don’t know what got left in the car when the drunk sped off, so that’s why we were thinking something more generic. And I know how expensive diapers and milk can be for a baby. Toys etc. are nice, but they can’t feed your kid, you know? Hard decision to make.

        We were definitely going to include some social services-type info if we do send or drop off anything.

        • Whatever you decide, I’m sure you will make the right decision. Anything will hopefully be appreciated.

          I’d be careful on the social services type info, just in case the husband gets his hands on it and blames the woman. Hopefully you can get it directly into her hands.

          Good luck with a terrible situation.

        • Call House of Ruth for advice on social service options. Or perhaps Sacred Heart church as they have a large hispanic population.

          Small games or art supplies (markers, crayons etc)can make a big difference for kids on Christmas – clothing is very available for the poor from a variety of sources, and food can be really embarrassing to receive.

  • Inspired by your photo. I am very happy Nancy P will no longer be speaker, however, I am not happy the house speaker is switching to a member of the GOP.

  • Rant: One of the guys in my band died this weekend. Nothing to rave about.

  • Rant – Those supposedly “impossible to steal” cars with a unique e-key can indeed be stolen.

    Rave – Lojack DOES work! Best $195 i ever spent. Reported the car stolen to lojack and the police at 7:10am. Car was found and thief in handcuffs by 8:30am and car was undamaged.


  • Rant: Yesterday an ambulance with siren going was making its way down Irving St near 14th. Everyone was pulling over save an SUV with Maryland plates. This vehicle stopped, blocking the ambulance, so someone could get out of the vehicle.

    I guess it would have been too difficult to pull over and wait the minute or so it would have taken for the ambulance to go past.

    Did the people in the vehicle think their convenience was a higher priority than the needs of the patient in the ambulance?

    Seriously pissed off at this incident. Hope Santa leaves coal and switches at their house.

    • AnnE, may I borrow your rant for a moment? 😀

      I’m even grumpier about this stuff and I’ll say the fact that it was an ambulance is irrelevant. Whether an ambulance or just me on my way home, why do folks like this think its OK to inconvenience others simply to convenience themselves? Find somewhere to pull over out of the way of traffic, for cryin’ out loud!

      Harumph! But yes, please get out of the way of emergency vehicles if nothing else.

      Serenity now.

      • What pisses me off is when someone is blocking a lane of traffic when there is a parking spot a few feet away. Seriously, how lazy and inconsiderate!

        Where did this attitude of “me first” come from? It wasn’t how I was raised.

        • Maybe the space cleared while they were waiting and they didn’t see it? As someone who carpools and sometimes has to wait a while for my rider to get out of her building, it has happened to me before.

        • Agree – there is just no excuse for this. Park at one of the ends of the block – there’s always space past the signs. Able-bodied people need to learn how to walk 50 feet.

          • I do try to, but sometimes even those areas aren’t available. But the street I’m talking about is 6 lanes wide and doesn’t get much traffic at 6:30pm, so I’m not blocking anyone from getting through.

          • okay okay Anonymous, I’ll let ya slide 🙂

  • Rant that will hopefully turn to Rave – I usually buy about a dozen amaryllis bulb kits at Target for little Christmas/hostess type presents. But Target only had 3 left (despite featuring them in the weekly circular yesterday!) and they were all sprouted already. (They do have lots of paperwhites – but they stink.)

    I called American Plant and they only had 2 bare bulbs, and Garden District but the recording said they were closed for winter.

    So has anyone seen a good supply of amaryllis bulbs in any nearby stores?

    • There were quite a few at the RI Ave Home Depot last week. Did you check Johnson’s?

    • Try Home Depot.

    • Rave: we thought we were taken by some kids who collected money from us for their school fundraiser before they delivered the goods. Weeks and weeks went by and we thought for sure they just pocketed the money. Alas over the weekend the kid came back packing a box of bulbs! Sweet, I can trust the kids again, shame on us for ever doubting him. Too bad the ground is now frozen!

    • I thought you had to plant bulbs before the first frost?

      • These are for forcing indoors (I assume). I usually do both paperwhites (LOVE the smell!) and amaryllis, but could only find the paperwhites this year. Garden District had one sad potted amaryllis for $35. Shyeah. Right.

    • I have boat loads of daffodil-type bulbs (including paper whites) free for the taking!

      I had grand plans of having a yard carpeted with flowers this spring, but I didn’t act fast enough before the frost and don’t think that most of the bulbs will winter (without rotting) in my basement very well.

      If you’d like some, please get in touch!

      • You can still try and plant them if the ground isn’t frozen. The flowers will be small but they’ll increase in subsequent years.

        If not in the ground, you could plant them in pots outside and replant them after they bloom and the foliage dies back.

    • I’ve given up on planting bulbs– they never, ever come up. 🙁

  • Rant: Went to check out American Ice Co this Friday and they were OUT of BBQ by 6:30!! Also, can’t seem to find a decent apartment 🙁

    Rave: Dickson’s Bahn Mi sandwiches saved the day, mmm!!!!!

  • Raves: Had an amazing holiday/housewarming party at my apartment Friday! I have the most pun-tastic holiday wrapping paper ever! Yesterday was the absolute best drive I’ve had home to New Jersey in the 4 years I’ve lived in DC! And I came home to a JETS win 🙂

    Rants: I forgot my father likes to keep the temperature ultra-low to conserve energy. How I can work from home when I can’t feel my fingers?! And I’m sick of the Patriots winning.

  • I was going to post this even before AnnE posted…

    Rant: drivers. I don’t care what state you are from, MD, DC, or VA, you are all TERRIBLE. Stop cutting me off, tailgating me, speeding down 25 mph streets doing 50, stopping in the middle of the road, talking on your cell phone. The me-me-me attitude around here is really getting ME down. (I am ranting from a driver’s point of view who doesn’t talk on their cell, goes about 5 mph over the speed limit when safe, so it’s not like I’m a slow poke…)

    Rant: someone’s car window was broken outside of my apartment today. right in front of a church. that made me a sad panda.

    Rave: 3-day week, then a 12 day vacation. Can’t freaking wait.

    serenity NOW.

    • Rant: if you see a car (in Washington DC) doing someting crazy in front or beside you, look at the license plate, no fail, it always says MD.
      Rave: Love this time of year.

      • gotta be honest, I had this mentality for awhile, but as of late the drivers have been equal opportunity idiots.

        • Idiot drivers come from all states, but I’ve only seen MD drivers do things with their vehicles that were completely insane. Things I wouln’t have even conceived of doing as a driver.

      • “Rant: if you see a car (in Washington DC) doing someting crazy in front or beside you, look at the license plate, no fail, it always says MD.”

        Or it’s a cab.

      • Rant: people who say things like “if you see a car (in Washington DC) doing someting crazy in front or beside you, look at the license plate, no fail, it always says MD.”

    • Conversely, if you’re going 5 mph over the speed limit in the left lane (on a road with multiple lanes) then get the F out of the way. Apologies if you are merely a conscientious city driver, but if you are slowing down faster moving traffic on 95/395/495/66/GW Parkway/Clara Barton/etc then you’re also a large part of the problem. There are way too many idiots in this area who don’t understand the unwritten rule of “right lane slow, left lane fast”. Why it is not a written rule I will never know.

      • Nope I’m totally with you on that one. I’m a pretty conscientious driver, I will get out of your way. But it’s when I’m in the right lane going 5 mph over the speed limit and people are on my ass, what, do you think I’ll move for you? I don’t think so. And then if I am in a speedy mood and I’m in the left lane with traffic, and someone comes up on my tail and there are cars in front of me and I have no where to go, are you really that much more important than everyone else?! It’s just aggravating.

        All forms of transportation are aggravating nowadays.

      • Speed Limit: 55 MPH. If you are going 60 MPH in the left lane, please move right.

        Hmm. I wonder why I haven’t seen that written down yet.

        • its a law in some states that you can not ride in the left lane unless passing.

        • Hahaha I don’t expect it to be written like that, but there are signs that say “slower traffic keep right”. People tend not to realize when they are considered the “slower traffic” part of the equation.

  • Addendum rave: got a parking ticket last week, but the wrong license plate was written down (one letter off). Checked mpdc.dc.gov to make sure, and sure enough my car is ticket-free!

    If you have the license plate (DC)DN6537, make sure you check online – that is who the ticket was made out to!!

    • Not to rain on your parade, but there’s a good chance the ticket hasn’t made it into the system yet. It can sometimes take a while. Be sure to check again in a week or two.

  • Rant: Trash pickup in our alley is horrible. The collectors throw trash cans all around, they leave debris like bottles and cans scattered, and neighbors put 5 trash cans in the alley. Trash days change randomly and they’re anyone’s guess. My car has the scars to prove that our alley is neglected, yet I seem to be the only one who ever got a ticket form DCRA for an overgrown plant in my back yard. I wish they would sweep the alley once without me having to call in. Replacing tires on my car is mighty expensive. Boo!

    Rant: Sweet Mango’s has been closed a while now after their fire, not sure whether they’ll open again to be honest…

    Rave: Bring on the snow, I’ve got SubWay and Sala Thai to pull me through this time!

  • Rave: Clementines
    Rant: Dandruff. I guess I should resign myself to wearing light colors all winter.

  • Rave: Released to manufacturing the first computer chip that I completed solo.

    Rant: It cost me 5 months of evenings and weekends and resulted in 5 pulmonary embolisms (from the overseas trip to the manufacturing facility).

    Rave: Stress Free Holidays.

  • Rant: People who honk their horn to alert someone they are picking up that they have arrived…at anytime before 8am. Use your cell phone! Or get out and knock on their door! Dont you realize people are sleeping!?

    Rant: Getting yelled at by PoP when I told him he should post that the Blue Banana was opening.

    Rave: PoP was right, it wasnt opening.

    • Oh god, my neighbors do this all the time! I understand it’s hard to round up their 18 unruly children, but there’s gotta be a less annoying solution.

    • We had a huge problem with this for the first couple years we were in our house. Several of the houses on the street were renting flopspace by the square foot, and were home to 12-15 single men working construction. So their buddies would swing by to pick them up at 5am, leaning on the horn for 10+ minutes. This was needed, I expect, to wake them up following the cheap beer extravaganza of the night before. I swear, I almost bought a baseball bat.

      Then the economy collapsed, and through some combination of factors, every one of those houses had been foreclosed, bought by developers, and flipped within six months.

  • Rant: Excessive flower bulb and car/driver-related posts.
    Rave: No longer reading excessive flower bulb and car/driver-related posts.

    NOTE: I did like ‘dreas’ post. She is exempt from my car/driver post ranting.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Possible mouse in apartment.
    Rave: Cat is a great mouser.
    Rant: She brings them to me so we can play fetch.

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