Puppy Stolen From Washington Humane Society – Where Can You Get Your Pet Microchipped?

MPD sends word via the Humane Society:

“Four month old Ivan was snatched from his kennel at the New York Avenue shelter late on Monday afternoon. Three suspects were caught on surveillance video taking the dog from the shelter. The individuals entered the shelter on 1201 New York Avenue, NE posing as potential adopters. Once inside the shelter the suspects took Ivan from his cage and escaped by breaking through a wooden fence behind the building.

The Washington Humane Society is offering a $1000 reward for Ivan’s safe return.

WHS officials are asking anyone with information about Ivan to contact the Washington Humane Society/DC Animal Care and Control at 202-724-3834. Calls are confidential and a reward is being offered for information leading to safe return of Ivan.”

Thanks to all who sent word about this theft.

“Dear PoP,

You have a lot of pet people as readers and I’m sure they can answer this in a second. I haven’t been a dog owner since I was a teen. In the meantime, technology such as the microchips has been developed, which I think is a good idea. But can I just go to Petsmart or wherever and get whatever chip they offer (a microchip is a microchip is a microchip) or are there different kinds, brands, or levels of service, just like home alarm companies? I want to get the little one protected but have zero experience here.”

Can anyone recommend a good place to get your pet microchipped?

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  • Most vets offer microchipping, so the vet in Petsmart (Banfield) would probably be able to do it. I had my cat’s done in rural Pennsylvania for about $50.

    With my cat, the vet asked me to fill out a card of contact information, which they sent to the company that maintains the database. I could then call the company or use its website to change the information.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    The League has a low cost vaccine ($10) and microchip ($25) clinic every Wednesday evening.


    Yes, there are different brands of chips, but they all work with a universal scanner.

    Also please check out the video of the young people stealing the puppy from WHS. I hope WHS does like the League and has all ready neutered him. Maybe they’ll return him for the reward money.

  • We had our pup chipped when we adopted her from WHS and it was $35 three years ago. They send the info in to the company and you can log in, update etc whenever you need to. Super easy.

  • Get a home again microchip @ washigton animal rescue

  • I got my pup chipped when he was young over at VCA Old Town. The service was through HomeAgain. Make sure you get a service that has a tag for the collar as well, that way the person who finds your pet doesn’t have to take it into the vet to get it scanned.


    VCA Old Town Animal Hospital
    425 North Henry Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    (703) 549-3647

  • Out kittens got their microchips while they were under sedation during their spay/neuters. It was about $25-50. We go to the Dupont Vet, http://www.dupontvetclinic.com, and love them.

    • I was going to say it’s a good idea to get it done while the pet is already undergoing surgery– it’s less expensive and less stress on the pet. A good veternarian will mention it before performaing an operation.

  • I had my dog micro’d at Friendship Animal Hospital in Tenleytown. About $80 (which may include the typical Friendship upcharge), and then you log into Petlink and enter your info. Petlink is supposed to be good for people who travel internationally with their pets.

  • WAs the puppy taken the black and white dog you have in that picture? If so, that’s really sad.. I hope this dog doesn’t fall into the hands of dog fighters. I hear they take mean looking dogs (like boxers, etc) and use them to train their mean pit bull fighting dogs.

  • Video of the kids who did the theft is available here:


    I’m sure the dog is dead already or being prepared for the fights. Somehow I doubt the thuglets in the video simply wanted a puppy to play with. I used to live off Rhode Island Ave and dying dogs would regularly be discarded there after losing fights. It was so sad, I’d hold their paws and cry until animal control showed up to dispose of the carcass. People in DC apparently love the dogfights. I was always amazed that even though they were fighting dogs they were so sweet in dying, just whining and wanting to lick my hand.

  • Thanks, everybody, for the suggestions. I guess what I’m gathering is that no matter the chip, most places will be able to read the info. That’s what was most confusing.
    I’m rooting for Ivan, too. Please update when there’s news.

  • They found the dog. It is not dead.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    The puppy was returned and the reward money donated back to WHS. Quite a nice way to start the celebration of light.

  • Hallelujah. And plus one on the reward money donation.

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