Promising For Lease Signs on U St, NW

Now that proper construction has started at what will become the Brixton at 9th and U St, NW and next door at 903 U St, NW Dickson wine seems to be doing well – I’m psyched to see the former copy resource center building potentially get fixed up. Looks like a lot of work is required but that section of U St, NW has some serious potential. I’ll give them a year before any horse’s ass award nominations…

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  • It would be awesome if those places could get some legit tenants. This area is so accessible to anyone by metro and just two blocks from much more developed parts of U St, so I don’t understand why it isn’t built up way more already. Given the pace of new things opening up around here, I think it will look quite different in a year or two.

  • I would actually like to see these places fixed up and used as offices. It’s less than a block to the metro and the rent can’t be THAT high. I wouldn’t poo poo a restaurant or bar, but I feel like with Dodge City, American Ice, Dickson, and Duffy’s, the Florida/Vermont slice of U St already has a pretty strong scene.

  • what’s the rent?

  • Asking rent was 10k plus triple net. Plus as is. Plus lots of work. Too many pluses in the negative direction…. so just rent you are looking close 13-15k monthly. Unless you are a highly notable charitable/ non- profit organization, it would be tough one for office use.

  • Are either building registered as vacant and paying the higher tax?

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