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  • Free Dorothy!

  • I went to the Temple lights last year and it was a good display. However I stayed outside in the safe area and didn’t go into the Visitor’s Center where the Mos seemed to do most of their proselytizing.

  • If they come to my door, I straight-up tell them that they are an anti-Christian cult, whose founder stole the bible for his own personal gain… but their Emerald City in Kensington always looks lovely this time of year!

  • Thanks for the hate. Reminds me of all the southern baptist kids not allowed to talk to us growing up because we might brainwash them or something. It cracks me up that “open minded” people still get to hate the Mormons.

    BTW, if you go inside, there is a gorgeous display of international creches, including six of mine! And there are enough people in there that you can generally avoid the missionaries. Or just tell them politely to leave you alone. It’s really not that hard.

    • They hate gays (me), so I can hate them. So, you’re welcome, I guess?

      Also, they are a genuine cult: you are forced to tithe; if you don’t, then you’re not a “good” Mormon, and thus cannot get into the temples. They are secretive about their services, and don’t let non-Mormons into their temples (after this temple was built, they let all of the “gentiles” in to tour it; after the unclean “gentiles” viewed it, it was re-consecrated and the carpets were ripped out and replaced). If you leave the religion, then you are shunned by your family. Urim and Thummim? Mormom underwear? Mormon Jesus visiting the American Indians? Black people are inferior because they rejected Mormon Jesus, hence their dark skin? These are all classic red-flag signs of a cult. Sorry that I don’t love and respect every single religion out there.

      My main problem with Mormonism is that they claim to be Christian, yet clearly are not. If they were, there would be no need for the Book of Mormon.

      I’m a not-religious Catholic; went to 12 years of Catholic school, and never once was taught to hate homosexuality, or that it was evil. Yet that is what lower-Protestants and Mormons teach.

      What next, Stubbs, shun me because I’m left-handed?! Why did I let the devil lure me into the evil left-handed lifestyle?!?!

      • They key is to take what you want, and leave what you don’t. It’s harder with the “lower protestants” (love that term, btw) because they have political clout. But mormons? Please. They can’t do anything to you. So enjoy the jokes and Big Love, and don’t give them another thought. I get the missionary boys on Holmead Place to carry my groceries for me. They’re just thrilled someone is talking to them, and then they get to give me a pamphlet, and everyone goes home happy.

      • We don’t actually hate gays. But, when you get all your info about the church from people who hate the church, I guess I can see where you get that. My southern baptist cousins had entire sunday school classes dedicated to why we were evil. Whatever. If we’re wrong, we’re not hurting you.

    • Yeah, sometimes the comments here make me think I’m reading that left wing cess pool called Democratic Underground.

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