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More great entries this week.

Congrats to Frenchie with:

“Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!”

Runner up to HorseShoe:

“New guerilla art spotted in Petworth – so what do you guys think? Do you like what they did with the mattress? I’m digging the loose leaves and debris.”

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  • Hasn’t “Pivot” been a winner before (admittedly it is a classic Friends episode)

  • HorseShoe was robbed.

  • pivot has been used before it was either a mattress or couch in a front door way. Horseshoe was indeed robbed.

  • Psmitty311

    Wow, didn’t expect this one to take it. Thank you! As far as it being used before, I’m a fairly new reader here, and it was honestly just the first thing that popped into my head. I promise to never use it again.

  • HorseShoe wins.

  • Thank you for the support, everyone. I’ll try to walk away with my head held high instead of advocating for a PoP boycott. 😉 Though I have to say that the not-so-soft-blow of this verdict wasn’t any easier to digest just because of the winning quote’s presumably very funny topical reference. Admittedly, I’m lost on the friends-specific humor, which makes the whole loss (ahem, I mean, *GAIN of being runner-up!) even funnier to me. Congrats to Frenchie!! If for some reason you are unable to fulfill your t-shirt wearing duties then I am poised to assume this coveted title. PoP, you’re still my neighborhood blog hero! (I might not be up to speed on the most recent prize policy but for the record: I’m not adverse to receiving a runner-up t-shirt out of pity and/or holiday spirit). Your longtime loyal reader, HorseShoe

  • Psmitty311

    I had no idea there was actually a prize. Just thought it was for fun. I think the t-shirt really out to go to you anyway since you’ve been on here for so long and are still active. Enjoy!

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