Museum of Arts and Sciences Abruptly Closes at 915 F St, NW

Back in May we learned that a place called the Museum of Arts and Sciences was coming to 915 F St, NW. Didn’t know much more beyond that and the mystery continues. Thanks to a reader for sending the word:

“At noon on Tuesday, December 21, 2010, the ownership of Museum (Museum of Arts & Sciences, LLC) unexpectedly suspended all operations and shuttered the business.”

You can find a bit of background on the space from DC Mud here.

Anyone ever check it out?

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  • Umm, it just opened? Must have run out of money- apparently they did an AMAZING job on the renovation and spent $10M for the building, but the business model of renting it out for events was shaky. It should be a club, despite the NIMBYs objections. It’s been a club for 20+ years, long before there were condos in the area.

  • Why is it not a club? How did NIMBYs stop it?

    • Let’s just say there were some really heavy “negotiations”.

      i.e. typical NIMBY threats and borderline extortion

      • “typical NIMBY threats and borderline extortion”

        So the local ANC threatened them with a “voluntary agreement”?


    oohz oohz oohz

  • A friend of mine told me a while ago the reason why so many restaurants go out of business quickly is because they were open to launder money to begin with and not as a long term project.

    • There aren’t really a lot of restaurants going out of business quickly.

      and yes this should be a nightclub, completely ridiculous to argue otherwise. I got thrown out of this place in 1992 for underage drinking!

  • No, it should not be a nightclub. Neighborhoods change.

    • It’s downtown. If you can’t put nightclubs there, where should you? You moved to the wrong neigborhood for peace and quiet buddy

      I don’t sleep well, but I’ll move near DCA because it’s convenient for taking flights. It just better not be loud around there!

      • Issue isn’t about me. Not surprised you assumed such. I live nearly a mile away from Platinum. But as long as we’re the peanut gallery in a blog comment section and taking sides I’ll side with the residents. The residential boom in the downtown has done more for it’s resurgence than a nightclub ever has. There are business models that complement mixed use well. Many businesses are thriving in Penn Quarter. This venue doesn’t have to be a nightclub just because it was in the past. Neighborhoods change.

        • Right on, dude. They should also close the Verizon Center because of the terrible traffic and noise that it causes in that neighborhood. It’s a great inconvenience for residents who are entitled to peace and quiet, and plentiful on-street parking.

        • And I would counter-argue that the nightclubs were there long before the neighborhood residents were, so they can’t really argue that a nightclub re-opening in that space is either a surprise nor appropriate.

          I’ve spent time in Penn Quarter quite frequently in the evening and at night (I work at 7th and F), and find it somewhat preposterous to argue that a nightclub is somehow an inappropriate business model for what remains very much a commercially centered neighborhood. If the proprietor is irresponsible, rude or participating in illegal activity, that is an altogether different argument. But a nightclub being inappropriate for penn Quarter? Sorry, I’m not buying that.

  • Was this The Bank?

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