MPD Seeks Your Assistance in a Bicycle Hit and Run on Nov. 26

Photo by PoPville flickr user julianne’s

From MPD:

EVENT: The preliminary investigation of the collision reveals that on November 26, 2010 at approximately 0940 hours, according to witnesses, an unknown bicyclist traveling east in the 600 block of Massachusetts Ave., N.W., turned south into the east alley along side of 650 Massachusetts Ave and struck two pedestrians who were walking north through the alley towards Massachusetts.

The striking bicyclist left the scene without making their identity.

A witness advised the bicyclist appeared to be a Hispanic male wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, dark pants, black hair, and riding a BMX style bicycle, last scene riding south across I Street and then into the alley towards H Street NW.

Pedestrian #1, a 78 year old male suffered massive head trauma and was transported by Ambulance 16 to Howard University Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.

Pedestrian #2, a 75 year old female suffered a minor abrasion to the back of the head and was transported to Howard Hospital where she was treated and released.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact Detective Scott Earhardt at 202-698-0681.

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  • Okay, while I agree that police should look for this bicyclist, this outreach seems disproportionate to what we see in response to when a cyclist is hit.

  • @Blink – not quite sure what you mean… Are you angry that they sent out a PSA? Angry that people aren’t commenting? Not being snarky, just wondering what you are getting at.

    This is why cyclists should have to have a license plate on their bikes if they are riding in the city. I’d put one on in a heartbeat because I’m NOT your typical a-hole city cyclist.

    • Oh and forgot to add that I send my wishes to those involved.. Terrible terrible scenario.

    • Before this devolves into the usual unproductive biker vs driver vs pedestrian debate, let’s all be rational and agree that it is entirely appropriate for the police to hunt down anyone who has done something that causes this type of injury to another person and leaves the scene, regardless of how it happened. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured.

      • Agreed – didn’t mean to do that. I think we can all agree that none of the parties like the other and leave it at that.

    • I agree: it should be fairly easy to get Hispanic youths on BMX bikes to display a license plate. Razor scooters, too? What about skateboards?

      Damned lycra-clad entitled Lance wannabees.

    • I was getting at the PSA. It seems like there are a handful or two of cyclists hit by cars every week in DC. Does MPD put out a PSA for all of the incidents where the cyclist is put in the hospital? I don’t know, but I don’t recall seeing many PSAs for that scenario.

      That’s all I’m saying. I wish these victims a speedy recovery.

  • I love police-report-speak:

    > The striking bicyclist left the scene without making their identity.

    they also usually say things like:

    > The third suspect made good his escape, or

    > an unknown amount of US currency

  • “a Hispanic male wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, dark pants, black hair, and riding a BMX style bicycle”

    I see about three of them a day. Not the most helpful description.

    • true, but if you were an old person walking in the dark and someone came out of nowhere on a bike, knocked you over, and biked away, would you be able to do better?

      • Absolutely not. I’m not trying to criticize the poor victims, just pointing out that the description alone isn’t going to catch anyone. Hopefully the police have more to go on, and hopefully the victims will recover fully.

      • Nobody could identify someone from information like this which kind of makes this post kind of ridiculous. It’s the equivalent of young black male approx. 5’10 lbs wearing baggy jeans. Or a white guy with brown hair, khaki shorts and sandals.

        However I do wish the victims the best in their recovery.

        • But if you work someplace in that area where someone meeting that description usually reports to work around 10 and rides a bike like that and may have arrived agitated that day, it might just jog your memory. Mowing down old people and leaving them for dead in an alley is a pretty horrific crime.

          • Not for DC, its rather run of the mill actually. Had he stopped and stuffed them in a trash can I might give you horrific.

    • better than the usual: black male between 18 and 35…

      I think I’m also supposed to ask “were they hatless” here…

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