Movement at the Corner of Sherman and Harvard, NW?

Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up on the scaffolding that recently went up. This is the space that used to be Coco Libre and Nani Kafe before that but has been vacant for many months. We speculated on what may would be a good retail option for that corner back in April ’09. Looks like there is finally some movement. Anyone know if a new tenant has been found?

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  • An application went through the BZA several months ago for the lot beside it (the one that looks like its yard.) So the work may be some sort of stabilization to allow that construction to begin.

  • I would love something to open up here—what, I don’t know. Hopefully once the Sherman Ave streetscape project is complete it’ll drive more foot traffic to this area. Unfortunatley I just can’t see how any business would survive on this corner, present day.

  • I miss Nani Kafe

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