Movement at the Corner of 11th and O St, NW

“Dear PoP,

I live in Shaw and saw that the bodega on 11th and O was shuttered with its outdoor signs taken down. I met the owner who said he’s going to be renovating the building and is looking for some commercial tenants. I guess he had preliminarily spoken with the Saint Ex / Bar Pillar folks, but he’s apparently open to suggestions.”

I feel like this building has been boarded up for ages. So glad to hear it’ll be getting some love soon. What do you guys think would work here – a nicer bodega/corner store or do you think the retail is big enough for a restaurant/bar like the nearby Veranda at 11th and P St, NW?

Who do you think would be the ideal commercial tenant here?

UPDATE: St. Ex has informed me that they have zero interest in this property. Looking forward to seeing who ends up there.

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  • Have been wondering about this place since the store locked up about a month or so ago and I saw guys really clearing out the building itself.

    I walk by here multiple times a day, and have actually went into what was called the “bodega.” I felt like I was in a David Lynch movie.

    Some sort of great food & drink establishment would be awesome, especially one with happy hour or just plain modest prices. There are already lots of essentials within walking distance. I really like my neighborhood!

  • A nice Deli !!!

  • It’s about time. That corner has been a blight on the neighborhood for ages. Maybe it changed ownership because I was under the impression that the owner (or maybe previous owner) had let the building deteriorate just to thumb his nose at the neighbors (they might have prevented him from tearing it down or renovating it in a non-appropriate way considering it’s in a historic district).

  • This had been used as a brothel for years. Glad to see it’s getting cleaned up finally.

  • I’ll take any responsible legitimate business. But I’ll second the vote for a deli–would be awesome.

  • We do not have “bodegas” in the District. Anyone who uses that word sounds like a turd. There, I said it. Go back to New York, yankee!

  • wow, great news! deli/modest eatery that serves beer would awesome. a chill place in the style of Bar Pilar also would be great.

  • I used to live near there. Walking in the back alley, I interupted sex acts twice. One morning there was a man taking a poo-poo back there.

    That corner store, in addition to the vans parked in the back alley gave an impression of lawlessness.

    The building is ripe for regime change.

  • Awesome, I live a block away and am thrilled at the idea of 1) one less bullet proof glass encased place and 2) less broken glass outside.

  • How about another spot for DC-3 hotdogs?

  • There goes the last place in NW to buy loosies. I hope they open another AZI’s cafe so I can overpay for frozen commercial grade government bagels at 2 different places in shaw.

  • I live by here also. Once the old asian storeowner was warding off some stoop drunks with a stun gun. ZZZZZAP! ZZZZZAAAAAAP!!!!

    Good riddance, Annex Market!

    Let’s just hope the Dollar Store stays, though, because the lady that runs that is really nice, her kids are cute, and sometimes it is really convenient.

    Could definitely lose the Capitol Supermarket though. Crafty storeowners markup 2 buck Chuck and sell it to the neighborhood bums.

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