More Good News – Ivan the Puppy Found!!!

Thanks to all who’ve been forwarding the good word. Ivan the four month old puppy who was stolen from the Washington Humane Society has been returned. PoP commenter Dianne in DC in writes:

“The puppy was returned and the reward money donated back to WHS. Quite a nice way to start the celebration of light.”

Indeed this is great news. And a belated Happy Hannukah to PoPville!

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  • Heh, Read in the times:

    “On Monday, three wards of DYRS were caught on surveillance cameras leaving the Washington Humane Society’s shelter in Northeast Washington with a 4-month-old pit bull named Ivan. DYRS sources told The Times on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the subject that the juveniles were at the agency’s headquarters on Wednesday.”

  • DYRS is a total joke. We need a real youth prison in this city where these monsters are locked up for good.

  • I’m just so happy that the puppy is okay! I know there is a lot of bad crime in this town, but still, the thought that a poor defenseless animal might be about to be used as dog fighting bait really upset me.

    Also, good to hear that the reward was refused. Hope the Human Society beefs up its security since people may now have the idea of stealing puppies and turning them back in for $$?

  • anonymouse_dianne

    You can see on this picture he has some sort of boo-boo under his right eye.

    WHS promises more details.

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