More Georgia Ave. News – Zippin’ Chickin’ Coming Soon!

Nice to see some movement on this building that’s been vacant for a while. I’m super encouraged that it looks like a very serious renovation is underway. Unfortunately Zippin’ Chickin’s Web site is not up yet but I’ll be sure to update when they open. They’ll be located at 2851 Georgia Ave, NW.

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  • Why Georgia Ave needs a chicken shack I dunno. But at least it’s an upscale chicken shack. LOL Howard U has utterly dropped the ball in developing Ga. Ave, unlike Columbia, or Temple, Drexel, USC. Don’t tell me it’s money as the issue. Would be nice if that Ethiopian bulletproof mart at the corner of Irving and Ga. could be someting nicer.

  • There used to be a Cluck U on Georgia some time ago. It was highly awesome. Fried chicken delivery is underrated.

    • sadly cluck u is now a nail salon…and i’ll add they refused service to me because i was a man. seriously, it’s almost 2011…it’s not unusual for a man to get a mani and pedi.

  • did someone just list temple as an example of a nice neighborhood. are we talking about the same temple?

    • I did, but not that it’s a “nice neighborhood;” rather that it’s a university like the others that tries to develop and buffer the community and retail around it. Howard has just sat there for decades, doing nothing as far as retail or infusing anything into Ga. Ave.

  • I will humbly request that the patrons of this new restaurant refrain from throwing their chicken bones on the sidewalk for dogs to choke on. Thank you.

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