Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Vernon Square

This rental is located at 1112 M Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Available early November : Large studio 435 square feet, $1375/mo, all utilities included. Separate eat-in kitchen, walk-in closet, tons of light.
Short walk to Mt. Vernon Metro, McPherson Square and Metro Center stations.
Cable/high-speed internet access ready, bike storage, laundry on-site
Sorry, no pets!”

Does $1375 sound realistic for this 435 square foot studio?

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  • Nope. Waaay too much.

  • Honestly getting a little tired of the regular real estate postings… Rent this and that, what do you think of this house price, etc…

    While it probably isn’t actually, it seems like they account for every second post.

    • I like the real estate ones because I’ve been looking for a house. Sometimes there’s one that I’ve seen in person and I can provide my feedback. I think it’s fair to say a lot of readers are either looking to rent or looking to buy or sell a house.

      • I like the real estate / rental ones too. I always learn from people’s comments… like how someone noted that the trim had been painted the same color as the house exterior, or the difference in size between under the counter fridges vs. full fridges. I could go on and on but suffice to say I think these posts and their comments are valuable and enjoyable.

    • I actually love them. Although I rent, it’s interesting to me to see the for-sale posts. And as I’m always looking for a cooler apartment/better deal whether I’m actually planning on moving or not, it’s helpful to me.

  • 435 sqft is tiny

  • I used to live in this building. It was a great location and I had a good experience with the building, but I think that’s too much for a studio here. When I was there (2 years ago) I paid $1975 for a 2BR (utilities included)

  • Sounds about right to me – with ALL utilities.

  • “Available early November and for several years after : Walk-in closet 435 square feet, $1375/mo, all utilities included (because they only cost $20/mo). Separate live-in kitchen (perfect for cooking in bed), spacious closet, tons of light and view of neighbors apartment.
    Cable/high-speed internet access ready since the 80s, bike storage for an additional fee, coin-op laundry
    Sorry, no chance of escape!”

  • Good luck finding cheaper rentals near Logan Circle today. They do exist, yes, but they’re a small percentage of the studios/jr 1 bedrooms offered near hear. Some studio rentals near here are being offered at $1600, utilities not included. Just so we’re being realistic about where things are today…

    • Agreed. It takes a combination of luck, speed, and flexibility to snag a cheaper apartment in Logan Circle. They don’t come around that often and when they do they get snatched up immediately.

  • My friends pay $1700 for a one bedroom one block away, so while it sounds overpriced to me I guess that’s about right.

  • I live on the same block in a much nicer building, in a studio that is a little larger than that, for $1200 a month. I was the first person to live in the apartment after the renovations, with granite countertops and pretty new appliances and fixtures. It’s a beautiful apartment. Include utilities, figure about $120 extra, that’s $1320… No deal on this.

  • NO WAY. There’s no kitchen counter! I guess by “eat in” kitchen they mean “order in” kitchen, because there’s no way you can cook there. Unless all utilities includes high speed internet and cable, this is overpriced.

  • The studios in this building have been going up and up (this summer I looked at one listed at $1295); and I’ve seen them, they are one square depressing white room. MV, where do you live? I’ve been inthe neighborhood 5 years and have had some luck, but would love to move to a new building.

  • I pay $1,125 with all utilities included for a 545 square foot studio on the top floor of my building.

  • Sadly yes, that’s the going rate around here…for a no frills studio at that! But living in Logan Circle is awesome. Center of everything!

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