Missing Dog – Durga – 13th and V St, NW Update: FOUND

“My dog was hit by a black SUV this morning on 13 and V Streets, around 7:20AM. Her collar broke and she ran from me, running up 13th Street, turned right on W Street. The last time I was able to find someone who had seen her, she was spotted running on 12th Place, between Florida and W Streets. I have attached a flier we are posting within a mile radius of our neighborhood (we live on 14 and V).

Her name is Durga, she is a Schnauzer/Terrier mix. Fully up to date on her shots but missing her tags because her collar broke. She is micro-chipped.”


“Some amazing soul just called animal control, he and his dog spotted Durga on 17 and t sitting on a fire escape. Animal control is getting her and said we can pick her up at the new york avenue shelter. We are going to get her now!”

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  • Violet and I will be on the lookout tonight for the sweet girl.

  • I am so sorry, we will be looking for her also!

  • Aw,poor pup. This made me tear up… as much as I complain about my dog, I’m so afraid she’ll bolt like this some day. Hope you find her soon!

  • Oh geez, I think my corgi Toby and I saw you walking this morning. We’ll keep a lookout for Durga.

  • So glad Durga has been found! I hope she is ok and you are not too traumatized from the whole experience. (I know you guys from LL – Oscar is my dog.)

  • Jasper’s mom here. Thank god Durga was found and hope she is OK!!!

  • So glad you found Durga! I too (or rather, my dog) was victimized by a broken collar a few years back, just terrible. Maybe you can get Durga a martingale collar for Christmas (or Hanukkah or whatever).

  • Cheers for Durga and her finder!

  • Thank you all so much! We just brought her home from the vet (xrays were normal). Apparently from 12th and Florida, she crossed through Dupont to 17th and T, and climbed a fire escape and sat down. Amazingly she just has a bruise on her shoulder from where the car hit her. She is indeed one lucky dog. Thank you all again for your warm wishes, we are SO HAPPY to have this pup home.

    • SouthwestDC

      I am so glad you found her; it must have been a scary experience for you both. I remembered Durga from the pet contest– my Schanuzer is also named after a Hindu goddess so she was one of my favorite contestants. 🙂

  • Ziggy (and his parents) are so glad she is home safe!

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