Merzi Opens in Penn Quarter Free Food from 11am – 12pm at 415 7th Street, NW

According to their Web site, ordering at Merzi located at 415 7th St, NW, is super easy:

When you walk into Merzi, you will be surrounded by delicious aromas–try to focus on the meal you are about to order for yourself! Walk to the counter and get ready to order.

1. 1. Pick one of the following for the base for your meal: naan, rice, salad or chaat.
2. 2. Pick one of the following: Black-eyed peas, garbanzo beans, or onion-pepper mix.
3. 3. Choose your meat (or not!).
4. 4. Pick whichever fresh vegetables you like.
5. 5. Choose one of our warm sauces or cool chutneys to throw on top of it all.
6. 6. Choose a drink and ask for a samosa or potato tikka at the register.
7. 7. Grab a fork (or just grab your naan roll) and enjoy!

You can see their menu here.

And if you work nearby and are not afraid of rain and/or lines you can try them for free from 11am – 12pm according to their twitter feed.

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  • what an odd pricing structure.
    looks good though.

  • Stopped by for lunch. A bit overwhelmed by the first-day crowd, but good food and friendly service. It’s a nice twist on a familiar theme and a good addition to the neighborhood’s choices.

  • I was so excited for this to open, but my lunch today was super disappointing. It just wasn’t … good. Great idea, not a tasty execution.

  • I went for dinner and it was great! I loved all the options and will definitely be going back. A lot of food for the price.

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