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  • I think the price is insane.

  • My friend lived across the street when this house collapsed a few years ago. Great location though and I’d be shocked if condos go for much below list.

  • The finishes are very nice but I think that all three units going for $1.2M+ is a little much. You can find a whole rowhouse on a side street (trust me..living on 16th is noisy)for that amount of money. And you have a whole house and in most cases with an income unit. Will be interesting to see if they sell for the list price. What about parking here??

    • I think people who buy condos in converted rowhouses tend to get vastly less bang for their buck than people who just buy rowhouses, but yes, this seems especially absurd.

  • Wow. It looks so much better after the renovation. I guess the wall collapsing was a blessing in disguise. It wasn’t that much to look at before. Good luck on the price though.

  • $1100+ a square foot? L.O.L.

  • And no tubs in any of the bathrooms…isnt that a renovation no no

  • I lived there for three years — it was about a year before the wall caved in. When driving by on Sunday I saw there was an open house and nearly slammed on the brakes! I took a bunch of quick shots with my iphone. http://tinyurl.com/25ndhoj Spoke to the realtor and turns out what a lot of people already know — the owners were being slammed with fines every month so they sold the house and developers took over. The renovation is really nice. The top unite has the most amazing roof deck. It’s enormous. But it’s the ground floor that is the most amazing. The bedrooms are the basement which surprising work because they expanded all of the windows allowing tons of light in. That unit is 2000 sq ft. I’m not sure how big the upstairs units are, maybe something like 1500. There are shower stalls and bath tubs, built in fireplaces, and a built in kitchen with the hiding refrigerator. Quite a miraculous change. I do think it is going for a shit ton of money. Would love to know how much they sell for in the end. I’m pleased that the original slumlords won’t reap any rewards from this.

  • Just wanted to give POP a heads up that there’s a typo in the title of this post:)

  • Gotta say it’s damn sexy!

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