Judging Restaurants/Bars – Blackfinn

Blackfinn is located at 1620 I Street NW. Their Web site says:

“BlackFinn American Saloon was established in New York City in 1994. As part of their lives growing up in New York City, the proprietors were exposed to many of the world’s greatest saloons. When the time was right they decided to act on their vision for the great American saloon, and thus, BlackFinn was born. Over the years the proprietors have developed numerous venues and concepts. They recently made the strategic decision to focus on evolving the traditions of the New York Style Saloon. The product of that focus has been making BlackFinn the new standard in the New York Style Saloon experience.”

Perhaps a good after work happy hour spot? You can see their menu here. Any fans?

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  • Blackfinn’s a ton of fun and usually quite the scene. The front bar itself is a bit narrow and the food is “eh”; but the scene is fun. And very conveniently located

  • The line to get in was down the block last Friday night.

    They have tons of TVs for football on Sunday, but it’s the gathering spot for Dolphins fans, so you’ll have to fight them for space.

  • It’s great to have bars like this in the downtown (office district) finally. It really enlivens what was for years quite a desolate street after 6 pm. Same with that new place Barcode near WaPo.

    I will be curious to see how Cities does on 19th. I wonder if it can recapture it’s 90’s magic.

  • Huh, I’ve never even heard of this place. I guess I should visit the west side of town more often.

  • Some quality comment planting going on here

  • I work across the street and it tends to be the office go-to spot for happy hour. Not exactly the greatest bar in the city, but decent specials and plenty of room.

  • I also work in the area and it’s a good place for happy hour, but I would not travel from other places in the city to go to BlackFinn. There are also a lot of better bars in the area for a night out…not the best scene.

    If you are planning on a lunch there during the week plan some extra time as well because their kitchen tends to be in the weeds a lot. The Manager is really nice though and does a ton of comps to make up for his kitchen.

  • Good for a drink or two and the staff is nice, but it’s really nothing special. Unless you work within a few blocks of the place and plan on going there after work, I can’t really think of a good reason to go there.

  • I went there for the Superbowl last yr and it was really fun. I love that place. They even have cup holders next to the urinals.

  • It’s a younger scene (similar to what you see in Midtown/Lower Dupont/”Club Central”) with lots of folks from Arlington coming in on the orange line on the weekend.

  • It’s about as awesome as TGIFridays.

  • I’ve been here for happy hour several times and my friends and I are always disappointed with the after-work crowds here. We’re all in our 30s and everyone else there seems to be MUCH older.

  • if you’re looking for the college frat party scene, this is your spot as i’m pretty sure everyone i saw there was barely out of college.

  • It can be a bit corporate and fratty on regular nights, but they do have fun events hosted there from time to time. The 80s Prom last April had everything from a Delorean to a live 80s hair band… That was all thanks to the party planners, but Black Finn had great space for it. Hope they do it again this spring!

  • The menu is beyond typical/boring. Reason enough not to try it.

  • this place absolutely sucks. it is filled with the frat boy/douche crowd. it’s a chain restaurant. what would you expect? horrid.

  • this place has turned from a lawyer HH spot, to fratty bro-dudes, to indian club scene(?) It’s interesting to see how crowd trends work in this city. Black Finn is your typical alright happy hour bar.

  • Great place to grab a beer after work.

  • I do not like this place. The beer is way too expensive. They let the Dolphins fans get 3 big projector TVs and make the rest of us split time between 2 games. What a waste. Food was also not very good.

  • Fine for happy hour, but after 8, it’s like you walked into a scene from “Jersey Shore” in the Herpes Triangle

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