Judging Judgment Day Vans

I think the tint is a little dark but otherwise I’m digging the red font. What do you guys think – thumbs up or down?

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  • As long as those are removal decals so he can change the date after the 21st. Thumbs up! No just kidding. Thumbs still down.

  • I think the font is Impact. At least it’s not Arial.

  • Great now I have two days to wait for, 5-21-2011 and 12-21-2012.

    Already scratched off 1-1-2000 and 06-06-2006.

  • What’s a “rent font?” (Googling it just coughs up major hairball sites.)

  • To be honest this is not any less crazy than the fact that you have to get sprinked with water before you were born because a talking snake made some lady eat an apple.

    • I am so confused by this comment; water, snake, apple?! I’m not religious at ALL, and by at all, I mean I’ve gone to a church twice, once to see a family friend sing at christmas, and another for a funeral.

      I think all religious people are crazy, but who am I to judge? Apparently all I have to do is wait for May 21, 2011 and I can judge people all I want! (kidding, but I wish that was what it meant)

      • He’s referring to baptism in the Christian tradition, which cleanses the sin that began when Eve was tempted by the serpent and at the apple in Genesis. I think anon mistyped, though; clearly you can’t be sprinkled with water before being born. Usually it’s done with infants, although you can be baptized anytime if you decide to.

  • I hope they strategically renewed their registration so they don’t have to wait in the inspection line in SW until the end of days.

  • Hasn’t that god thing destroyed the earth yet? Supposedly he/she/it is so bent on destroying everything, yet millions of people wobble about on their knees to honor it. Weird.

    Not complaining, of course. It makes for good television.

    Well please, at least let THIS apocalypse be the real one.

  • I wish they took all the money they’ve been wasting on these posters and decals and just handed it directly to me 🙁

    I saw a homeless dude with a sign for this today…
    It said there was some radio show about all this on “94.7”. I guess the eagle is moving away from classic rock and towards apocalyptic angst?

    Anyways, I’ll see you guys at Logan Tavern on May 22, 2011 Where we can all have a good laugh about this.

  • cool, it is just after my birthday.

  • thumbs up. i’m a fan of apocalyptic angst.

  • Now, wait a minute. A FB friend informed us that the homeless guy outside his subway stop in NY says that judgment day will be in march of 2011. Don’t these people talk to each other??

    I guess the New York prophet is using the beginning of the end of days, and the van guy is using the end of the end? If so, I’m just impressed that 6+ billion people can be judged in just two months. US courts could take a lesson.

  • They’ve been screaming about the end of days for centuries. Did they not internalize the lessons of the boy who cried wolf?

  • I saw 2 vehicles with out of the area plates with that on 395 this weekend so there must be a whole convention of them in town. I did wonder where they got that date. I should know not to look too closely at the lunatic fringe…..

    Captcha: 4UCF
    sound like: for usef

  • Their spelling is better than PoP’s.

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