Judging Buildings: Swann’s Way – 18th and Swann St, NW

Pretty impressive progress. You can see what it looked like in March here. This is going to be a condo project called Swann’s Way. I’ll be sure to repost when completed and units go on the market so we can take a peek inside. But in the meantime – how do you think they look?

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  • that much glass at street level on that block is a bad idea. not really feeling it.

  • Bummer that those sweet sculptures/transoms seem to be gone.

  • Swann’s Way will be wealthy and stylish, yet ultimately foolish and empty, providing a lesson that will last for the rest of the narrator’s life.

  • Can PoP do a study of other DC housing named after literary classics? Are the developers going to name the next 6 condos after the remaining tomes of “In Search of Lost Time”? Did anyone else immediately think of their French professor when they read this?

    • I was just thinking how sad it was that they didn’t name it after Swann’s Crossing, the early 90’s teen soap opera. Because I’m smart like you.

      • since we’ve become an increasingly less intellectually astute society, i would suggest we name them after college football teams.

        or garbage pail kids trading cards.

        possibly candy bars.

  • The left wall is awkwardly blank, but I do kind of like the corner piece.

  • I think that this is the project being done by Fairmont Developers. If so, they will be beyond awesome. I own a condo done by Fairmont, and they are the very best there is in DC development. Is it normal to love your developer? I think not. This outfit is the best that there is hands down. Check to see if it’s being done by Fairmont, please. Best quality work around! Shockingly good.

  • I walk past this daily. Not crazy about the white exterior–is it real stone? It doesn’t look like it up close. I understand it was the existing exterior material, and if it is synthetic that might explain why the developer didn’t repaint.

    I’ll be interested to see how the large glass windows are incorporated into a floorplan. In response to the poster commenting that it’s unsafe to have ground level glass there…it’s a pretty safe area, so I’m assuming you mean drunk people? I think it’s far enough down 18th that it doesn’t get that much Admo traffic. But hey, who knows what mischief could happen after a few Lauriol margaritas 😉

    PoP–in the pic you snapped above, the large boxes in the window are all bamboo flooring. I’ve also seen several of the appliances moved in, and they’re all pretty high-end. From what I’ve seen, looks like a nice development!

  • You are correct

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