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  • went here over the summer and did not like it at all.

  • I’ve never been, but I shall miss their cheery sign.

  • Oh man! I live right around the block and loved this place too. Sad to see it go.

  • They shoulda taken the bars off the windows. Really not necessary for a restaurant on 18th St. It made it look unwelcoming and hard to see in.

  • ate here once and it was very good. I think the location is what killed them. who wants to eat in an english basement?

  • I went there and didn’t like the food. I also thought the burglar bars were uninviting. Either way, I hate to see local restaurants close down. Hope we get something good to replace it.

  • I miss Caravan Grill that was there before. They had a great Persian buffet that was the best deal around. Used to make me sad that they’d be empty while Lauriol plaza was packed to the gills.
    Its kind of an odd space/layout there but someone should be able to make it work.

    • +100 I literally teared up when Caravan closed. I can still taste the lamb shanks and fantastic bean soup they always had on the buffet.

  • It’s been closed for about 6 weeks, I think – they were also temporarily closed because (I think!) they forgot to pay some taxes. I think that’s what happened, so if so – WOOPSIES!

    • I remember the sign too. They had failed to remit sales taxes to the District, which means that they essentially stole from the government and its citizens. I liked the place the few times I went in, but once I saw that sign that was it for me. I decided that if they reopened I wouldn’t be back.

      It was the same situation with that little grocery store that was next to the Safeway on 17th. I think it’s a yoga studio now or something, but in the last few weeks of its incarnation as a grocery store, it was shut down by the District for failing to pay sales taxes. I’m sure they were collecting taxes from the customers, so they were just pocketing them. Not cool.

  • Jessica, I think you are right because they were close a while back temporarily and now they appear to be for good. Never got a chance to try it because it was never open when I’d walk by. However, if you’re into peruvian food I love El Chalan, located at 1924 I St NW, Washington 20006 (Btwn 19th St NW & 20th St NW ). Its open for Lunch Mon-Fri:11:30am-3pm and for Dinner

    Great ceviche mixta and goat stew! And its also located in a basement, but this spot is really authentic feeling. However it can get a bit loud.

    Check it out!


  • Seriously great food. And the deck out back was sweet.

  • I hope 18th street remains one of the better strips for ethnic food in the city. These two were definitely towards the top.

  • I wanted to like this place, but the one time I ate here all of the food was greatly oversalted. I second the recommendation of El Chalan for very good Peruvian.

  • Las Canteras, also on 18th on the Adams Morgan strip, is the best Peruvian food in the city, hands down, and reasonable prices.

  • Bummer but it wasn’t all that and I had only been twice. I vote for a good sushi restaurant — not a single above average sushi restaurant in all Dupont except new Sushi Taro which is too expensive and small. We need a place like old Sushi Taro, or at least something like Kaz/Sushiko.

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