Howard Theater Update

“Dear PoP,

Do you have any updates on the Howard Theater renovations (7th & T Streets, NW) and more specifically the vacant storefronts and empty lot next to the Howard Metro stop? The storefronts and lot are all connected to the the Theater from the side and back and we *hope* that there is some movement finally happening.”

I don’t have a huge update but I was very excited to see that Michael Marshall Architecture was involved with the project. These are the folks who did the super cool new house at 2815 Woodland Drive, NW.

Anyone know what’s going to happen to the retail spaces next to the theater?

I will be saddened when/if this mural goes away… Close ups after the jump.

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  • I am hoping to find out any information that might be out there. I know that the building with the yello paint is currently being gutted. This actually includes both building with yellow paint, not just the one with roll down gates.

    They have been pouring concrete inside the theatre for the last few days, so I imagine foundation work is under way.

    The storefronts on 7th, their isn’t too much activity, although I notice people cleaning up the interior of one of them. Those places are serious cr-pboxes…

    The area is really transforming…

    • I’m sure someone will be quick to chime in and attempt to correct your hopeful future for the area, but before they do I’d like to second your post. I think this is all great progress and you can really see the development and vibrancy that a few years ago stopped around the 13th St entrance to the U Street metro spreading eastward. The area really has the potential to be gorgeous in the next few years. I’m very hopeful that the positive change will continue to occur in this neighborhood.

  • The block on 7th street between S & T to the metro was to be part of the BroadcastOne development. That was about 5 years ago — at this point the project has stalled obviously but originally all those buildings were slated to be demolished for the large building to take up the entire lot.

    Might want to get information from the ANC — oh that’s right — the ANC that covers this area is dysfunctional.

  • Looks like work is being done on the old Broadcast One development. Its now supposed to be the UNCF headquarters. There is heavy construction equipment and steel beams there. Haven’t heard much more, but something is happening.

  • Cafe Mawonaj used to have a lot of punk/DIY shows. Lots of DC high school punk bands used to play there. I’m sure it’s been closed for a while now, but it’s always sad to see places like this disappear.

  • I spoke to a constuction worker this morning on my way to work who was walking around the building. he mentioned that the buildings above will be taken down, but some of the storefronts on 7th will remain…just the faces of the buildings.

    He didn’t seem like the smartest, or most energetic guy in the world, so who knows what will really happen. Moral of the story is don’t do drugs and some of the buildings will be torn down.

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