House of the Day – Embassy Edition

This is the former Embassy of Cameroon. Despite the flag flying, it is now vacant but you can still see how amazing the building is. I hope somebody saves this beauty soon. It’s way too amazing to be sitting vacant for too long.

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  • A little landscaping and some flower boxes below the windows would make this thing pop.

  • I guess South Sudan will be needing an embassy soon.

  • Are these places usually commissioned to be built as embassies, or are they converted mansions? This would be absolutely amazing as a single-family (and maybe extended family) house.

  • The building is the Christian Hauge House built in 1906 and was purchased by Cameroon from the Czechs in 1974. Cameroon is only the third owner. It is an amazing building but needs tons of work on the interior. The restoration will begin in earnest early next year – drawings are underway. The Embassy employees have moved out temporarily and will be returning after construction is complete. If you go to the H.A.B.S. website, there is a lot of information on the building including plans, pictures, history & building records.

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