House of the Day (Before and After Edition)

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many positive changes we’ve seen in the past few years. Last weekend I was admiring this renovated home on 13th St, NW in Columbia Heights when I remembered how crazy it used to look. By luck I was able to find it in the archives from May ’08. Below is what it used to look like – nuts, right?

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  • What was wrong with the ivy? I don’t think it’s an improvement at all.

  • That ivy is not as glamorous as it looks! It’s invasive and does serious damage to homes and sidewalks. I’ve been hacking it out of my parking pad behind my house for A YEAR now. And I just found a little sprout coming out of the middle of the concrete parking pad. Which makes me think it might break the entire thing up. It crawls through your house, from the outside in. It’s a total nuisance! It is sticky like Gorilla Glue and has little hairs the better to grab you with and is as strong as twined rope! It’s a pest!

    • Plus, ivy leads to bugs and mice inside the house. The ivy acts as a ladder from the ground to any bug (or mouse)that can find a crack or hole to fit in and invade your warm, cozy house.

  • I lived in that house for 20 years. I am very distressed by your comments about it being “nuts” when you have no idea why it was there. I access your site for information about developments in the community, such as new businesses or permits being issued. I will no longer be participating in your site POP as your comments about people’s houses, and therefore their circumstances, never consider the possibility that you don’t know the context. I will be glad not to see your arrogant comments any longer.

    • Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

      • I would describe the ivy on the house as “nuts.” Ivy like that can harm the house because the plant’s roots can widen existing cracks and allow moisture to penetrate. It also just looks a little crazy. I think that vine is amur peppervine, a destructive invasive plant that has damaged many native habitats.

    • Jay,

      It did look a bit nuts. I lived across the street from that house for almost ten years, and it gave me the heebie-jeebies every time I walked by it. I could almost hear the ivy destroying the walls. I feared the place was going to fall down.

      I have no idea why you had the ivy growing on your place, nor do I judge your choices in doing that, but if you’re going to have a house that looks very different to everyone elses, then you have to be willing to put up with other people seeing it differently than you do.

    • so…you liked his comments until he commented on your house? get a grip

    • oh no, Jay will no longer be participating on the site! how will we go on?

    • Um, so WHY was it there? I think that when the ivy grows over the windows, you’ve got to expect that people are gonna wonder….

  • Jay-please enlighten us as to why the ivy was there? It must’ve been a good reason since you’re now “very distressed.”

    Commenting on the removal of ivy is hardly a comment on someone’s circumstances. Chill out!

  • I took “nuts” to mean “Look at the difference” not “demonstrating insane or irrational behavior”

  • Sheesh whoever lived in that house should’ve checked into St. Elizabeth’s in Southeast.

  • Perhaps they took going green quite literally?

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