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  • Where is this located?

  • Yes, PoPs, we usually get at least a neighborhood from you. I don’t recognize it so I’m guessing the Hill.

  • It’s at the corner of 9th and A NE. It’s long been a favorite of mine.

  • I used to live just down the street… it is beautiful, but judging from the work that had to be done restoring the stone about 7 years ago… I imagine the maintainance is pricey.

  • That is the “Buffalo Bill” house. William Cody stayed here often when he lobbyed congress. It’s also one of the houses where Nixons “plumbers” worked during watergate.

  • I love this house on the hill. I always refer to it as the “Designing Women” house. Something about the front window that reminds of that show from the 80’s. 🙂

    • I always wanted to live in Julia Sugarbaker’s house! Suzanne’s was just too pretentious (and also – already occupied by the governor of Arkansas). It always bothered me that the interior set of Julia’s house in no way matched up to the exterior…

  • Yes this is the buffalo bill house and part of it was rented by the Nixon Plumbers. But also, before it was “rehabilitated” so beautifully, it’s facade was used as the apartment where Goldie Hawn was supposed to be living in the old move “Protocol”. It has a long history of entertaining, including at least one President. I’m not sure which one. The builder and owner was a well known stone mason in DC and built several other houses on the Hill as well as parts of Government buildings.

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