Holy Water Main Break in Mt. Pleasant

“Dear PoP,

Saw this on my way to the metro this morning on Mt. Pleasant and Irving…”

Holy cow this is a crazy one. This week has plagued the city with breaks all over town.

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  • I had no idea Ercilia’s had a holy water main. Is this a new Catholic thing?

    • It’s so people’s cars can be blessed as they drive by, or (thanks Wikipedia, Im not Catholic), for warding off evil customers.

  • It was a mess this morning and probably still is.

  • Speaking of water leaks…what’s up with the hydrant at Arkansas and 16th? It has been open and sending a river of water down Arkansas for almost two weeks. It is controlled to keep the water on the street, but a huge waste.

  • Was that this morning? I totally missed that (I was on the bus at the time though, so….) Although I think they may have had it under control by then (9:30, maybe?) – I did see an open fire hydrant just down the block on Mt.P street closer to Argonne Pl, which I thought was weird.

  • Last night I walked by here and there were some DC Water guys & trucks standing around – there was a steady stream of water coming out of the sidewalk at this area and they had it blocked off.

  • PoP Readers,

    Across the country, a water main breaks every two minutes on average. Here in the District of Columbia, we average slightly more than one a day, but far more in the early winter months. The median age of a water main in the District is 75 years, with a good number installed during the Civil War era. As you probably know from the extensive media coverage this week, the combination of old pipes and quickly changing air temperature makes water main breaks more likely.

    In the budget and rate structure approved by our Board to begin this past October, DC Water is set to replace 1 percent – or approximately 11 miles – of the District’s cast-iron water mains each year. This is not as fast as we would like, but it is triple the previous replacement rate and twice the national average. It will also mean many, many more torn-up streets than before.

    Our challenge is to maintain and replace an infrastructure installed and initially funded by the federal government, almost exclusively with ratepayer funds, while also spending literally billions of dollars to meet environmental mandates on the wastewater treatment side.

    This is a nationwide issue, and we have joined with our sister utilities across the country to lobby Congress and federal agencies for more funding. In the meantime, we recognize that water main breaks are an inconvenience that leads to water outages and traffic disturbances. If you see one of our Team Blue members out in the field and fixing one of these, we urge you to give him or her your thanks. It’s not easy work this time of year.

    Finally, we do comb the comments on PoP from time to time, but the best way to reach us if you see a fire hydrant problem or water main break is to call us at (202) 612-3400 or send a tweet to @mydcwater.

    Happy holidays,
    The Office of Public Affairs
    District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water)

  • Did Haydee try to steal their pipes? 😀

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