Holy Awesome – Would You Like A Beer Garden on Georgia Ave?

Photo by PoPville flickr user jsmjr

I’m not gonna lie – when a weekend ends and I post about 4 shootings, a stabbing and a fire that occurs across the city – I can get a bit blue. So I thought you guys might feel the same and would also enjoy a bit of good news. No scratch that, a bit of fan-freaking-tastic I can hardly contain my joy potential news.

Unfortunately I can’t get into details about an exact location but let’s just say somewhere on Georgia Ave (not in a newly constructed building). I got word from a business owner who is looking to open up a new neighborhood bar. And let me say that this is not a novice but a group with a great track record. Frankly I nearly fell off my chair when I read the news. Anyway, the group is familiar with PoPville and knows from time to time we can be a bit opinionated. They also know that many of us love and respect beer and a good neighborhood bar. And they want our opinion – what is the theme of a bar you’d most like to see open up on Georgia Ave?

Initially I was thinking something like a Busboys and Poets or a Tryst type spot. However, I heard that a Beer Garden was also a possibility and I nearly fell off my chair once again. I would still do backflips for a Busboys or a Tryst but I’m gonna make my vote for a Beer Garden. What type of neighborhood bar/restaurant would you most like to see on Georgia Ave?

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  • Texas boot scooting bbq joint with backroom dominoes and poker. Add in a connected bingo-joint social hall too. Next to a show-horse coliseum with outdoor dining. And a great selection of lots and lots of well priced beers. With billiards downstairs. πŸ˜‰

  • frankly i’m tired of bars opening. too many of ’em already on georgia ave.

    • Someone get this person a tissue. Too many bars? Any type of social establishment (bar/restaurant) that opens in Georgia continually makes the area better and younger.

    • What? Where are all these bars? You must have mistook this for a post on a new proposed barber shop on George Ave… Yeah, I can understand that. I count 15 plus barber or braiding shops within a 6 block distance of the metro. If there’s a higher concentration of storefronts dedicated to hair I sure would like to see it.

      • From the Petworth metro to Howard there are at least 15-20 bars on Georgia Avenue. How many do you need?

        • Prince Of Petworth

          You are so full of shit, I can’t tell if you are a troll or simply clueless. (From the Petworth Metro to Howard which is huge area by the by) There are maybe 6 bars at most or 10 if using a liberal method including restaurants too.

        • Between Upshur and say, Kansas? I’d like to see ten or so. Ones without “No Drugs” signs or metal detectors or body searches. A beer garden would be just fine. Not restaurants with bars, but establishments dedicated imbibing.

        • Please list these 15 bars, plz.

  • A beer garden would ROCK!

  • Just replant The Saloon on GA Ave

    • Agreed! Lots of Belgian beer, a warm, casual atmosphere, and good simple bar food are a wonderful combination.

  • a non-pretentious bar that catered to all communities [not just the newcomers] and had some live music a couple of nights a week. outdoor/roof seating is a must. reasonable prices [no $14 po’ boys!] and a good beer selection w/o going overboard with a telephone book of options.

  • a bar that cannot be referred to as “gastropub” in any magazines or newspaper reviews hopefully.

    • You’d rather have sh*tty bar food?

      Call it what you want, but give me a place with a beer selection from Miller High Life to Trappiste Rochefort 10 with a similar range of food options, and I’d be there twice a week.

      Once that’s built, transplant Brooklyn’s “Beer Table” to somewhere within walking distance of my house. http://beertable.com/ πŸ™‚

    • Correct me if I’m wrong – isn’t a gastropub a pub that actually has good food? Why would you be against this?

      • everybody likes good food. It’s the trendy, hipster bullsh-t labels like “gastropub” that bug some people. Call it what it is: a bar with good food.

  • Beer garden sounds awesome to me!

  • I would TOTALLY vote for a beer garden. I would also go for a wonderland/meridian pint type of place too. A nicer neighborhood bar that would encourage other biz’ to open would be awesome!

  • A beer garden would be fantastic.

  • I turned 21 in Bavaria, so biergarten would be stellar, natch. But the ‘Daddy’ in ‘Monkey Daddy’ means my piece of the market usually requires a somewhat family-friendly environ. (As German beer gardens are!) It is somewhat embarrassing how many times I’ve been told that this establishment doesn’t have high chairs (because it’s a bar) or that no minors are allowed on the premises after 8pm (because it’s a bar).

    It kind of depends on which part of Georgia. Near the metro could support a variety of themes. Near Silver Spring could support a Pirate Tavern.(http://www.piratztavern.com/) In the middle could support a carwash, or apparently a splendid Indian restaurant and a Neapolitan/Salvadoran pizzeria.

    • Please, no “family-friendly” bars. Most of us go to bars to escape the ever-presence of children, not to watch you let your kids run around bothering everyone else. Why ruin the last refuge of adults?

      • +10

        On top of that, why would you want to expose your kids to the loud drunken chaos of a bar?

        • There’s a happy middle ground. Any “bar” that has a restaurant liquor license can let kids in, and most do. No reason for a bar not to be family friendly. I mean, Saint Ex has highchairs for chrissakes.

          But parents should be doing their part too. IMO, dine at 6:00 or 7:00 and be out before the loud drunken chaos even starts. Everybody wins.

          And I for one would like to see the German beer garden and Texas BBQ concepts merge.

        • When I go to a bar without kids, I’m not loud, drunken, or chaotic. (Neither are my kids.) And Shaw Parent is right that the chaos usually happens at hours other than the ones I am having dinner with my kids. But if we see you out, I’ll make sure to send my kids over to say hi.

          • saf

            I have no kids, and I am rarely loud or chaotic, although I am occasionally drunk.

            Please don’t send your kids over to talk to me. People who do things like that are one of the reasons I hate to see kids in my bars/restaurants.

    • +1 for a family friendly eatery with a beer garden!

    • There is a biergarten in DC – http://biergartenhaus.com/

      1355 H Street NE

  • Beer garden! I live a block from Georgia Ave and would patronize one several times per week.

  • We don’t know which part of Georgia you are talking about, and that makes a BIG difference. Along my part of Georgia (near the metro), I would love a neighborhood bar…..a place where locals (and mostly locals) can walk to, and where everyone knows your name. A mix of music and backgrounds, some high-priced drinks and some cheap beers, where people don’t take themselves too seriously, where fancy job descriptions are checked at the door, and where people forget about their preconceived notions of DC for a little while. A local watering hole that reflects the real richness of the neighborhood.

  • For the record, my wife would LOVE a Busboys and Poets or a Tryst in the neighborhood (she is in bed so I am writing on her behalf). Before we moved to Petworth, we lived near both places and we visited them often. Busboys, in particular, could work, I think, but both have a vibe that would fit with the neighborhood…at least, the neighborhood that some of us would like Petworth to become.

  • This time of year I yearn for a couple of bench tables next to a fireplace and a cozy Irish pub feel. With long hours and great coffee, room for strollers, a children’s menu, brunch, and 25 cent wings on NFL nights. Live music would be fine but maybe in a separate venue (upstairs?) that could also be used for bands or private parties, and an outdoor space for smokers. And a couple of affordable good beers on offer, great service and no nasty owner who makes you feel like you shat on her doormat (I’m talking to you, Domku!)

  • +1 vote for beer garden. Ein prosit!

  • +1 for beer garden as well!

  • Well, there’s already a beer garden in NE and another one coming to SE. So NW should probably get one, too. Although, it should probably be pretty exclusive to keep out the riffraff. You know: $18 happy hour specials on Lowenbrau, table service, reservations a week in advance, valet cockpunches, etc.

  • So what exactly is that thing in the picture? Is that a pretzel sandwich?

    • I want that. And by clicking through, it looks like it’s a pretzel sandwich from biergarten haus. Oh yeahhhh.

  • I vote for a Tryst-like spot – it would be a great place to hang out any time of day.

  • A beer garden where I wouldn’t have to hit up a cab or the X2 would be fantastic! I would also settle for a good sports bar, soul food in an upscale setting, or a hippie-mixed-fare grab bag a la BB&P. In fact, anything that isn’t another of the zillion overpriced “tapas-style” places that seem to be so popular these days is good by me.

  • A beer garden would be great, but I wouldn’t over-theme the place. You can have great outdoor space and the long bench seating and some German beers on tap (among other kinds) without serving only kraut and weiners (think Wonderland here not Biergarten Haus).

    I agree with those calling for a casual place where all feel welcome – a wide variety of beers without being too pretentious. I would also really appreciate having great food as well (I think of Temperance Hall before it became Looking Glass…casual but very delicious food). Would really like a place you think of mainly as a restaurant during the day and more a bar late at night, with good outdoor dining options but a cozy inside as well.

    • I’m with you – and not to be the millionth “they have the best [insert here] in NY,” but the beer garden in astoria, bohemian hall, is just such a place. it’s not in the least bit theme-y – basically just a giant parking lot with lots of tables, benches, umbrellas, and trees, plus a stage at the front…so it doubles as a live music venue. the key is to have some decent beers as well as cheap beers available by the pitcher (or preferably, liter mug).

      take a look at the photos and you can see what i mean:


  • Almost anything would be great… agree that casual and unpretentious would be the way to go. But I’d love to see a place for “grown ups” – where you could talk over a glass of wine without shouting over the music. Models might include the Saloon, Dickson, and Bar Pilar (which has great food).

  • What theme, you ask?
    No theme. No theme whatsoever.

    Just a decent, unpretentious pub with a variety of taps (give some love to those of us who like it dark, enough IPAs already) and a working-class menu (that is, no master-chef craziness. We don’t need diamond-crusted cuttlefish in a pub). And as close to Irving Street as possible, please.

    Thanking you in advance for your understanding in this matter, I remain:

  • oh, and that pretzel clearly has an identity crisis in full swing. Get that thing on some meds pronto.

  • But if it has crap food like Biergarten Haus, they should just open a gas station instead. BH already fills the market for gimmicky (and fun) outdoor drinking spot. I want the real deal.

  • Beer Garden or Irish Pub!

  • I want a community beer garden where you can bring the stroller. Put it above the 4000 block of GA Ave so the anti-kid “adults” will hipster their way down to Wonderland instead.

    • THAT would be awesome! But yes, the stroller crowd and the “younger is always better” crowd can coexist. They’re generally hoisting pints at different times anyway….

    • I’m a parent, in my mid-30s, realized about 3 years ago that I had been “aged out” of Wonderland on weekend nights (which had been true for quite some time BEFORE I realized that), and I write this anyway: bars aren’t for kids. Not yours, not mine. They are for adults to sit and drink and be social with one another in ways that only adults are. Maybe during daylight hours on a sidewalk table, you can sneak them in with you, but keep that short. But not after the sun goes down. There are plenty of restaurants where you can drink and get a meal and they are welcoming of and prepared for kids. But businesses primarily existing to sell alcohol aren’t included in that.

      Hire a babysitter or have folks over to your home if your stroller and its occupant are going to be involved. Let the folks who are there to drink and swear and do things that aren’t for kids have their place, too. You made a lifestyle choice in becoming a parent, and this is part of it.

      • you sound suspiciously like my wife.

        • Your wife sounds suspiciously sane. It’s nice to hear from parents who realize the rest of the world doesn’t have to cater to your kids.

          • 11:58 here. I don’t go to bars all that often anymore, but the last time I went to a bar with friends was a few weeks ago, and a woman came in with a toddler and took the table right next to ours. Beautiful, fun, engaging kid. I made faces and socialized with him for a solid 20 mins. Then I realized I had stopped doing everything I’d been doing before because this toddler was there: I was drinking less, watching my language, and not hollering at the game on the TV — in other words, everything for which I had gone to the bar I was no longer doing, because of the kid. Either I could have stayed home, or the kid could have.

        • Or my damn mother!

      • +100. “You made a lifestyle choice in becoming a parent, and this is part of it.”

  • just a normal, friendly, welcoming hole in the wall, please. take a trip to philly, go to a bar, copy everything, open in six months. thanks.

    • +1! But I would say take a field trip to New Orleans – and take notes.

      It cracks me up that in DC, we have to please, please, beg and beg for a new place to NOT be trendy and pretentious.

      • I should add: if you’re gonna take notes on New Orleans bars, don’t set foot on Bourbon Street! Those aren’t the kind of places I mean.

        Stick to the local neighborhood joints. Great places to hang out, no gratuitous Mardi Gras beads, and no BS.

        • +10000. Le Bon Temps just can’t roullez up here though. NOLA has a slower trickle of outsiders, most of whom want to be absorbed…native, not just local.

    • This is what’s missing. A real neighborhood bar. With decent food, but bar food. Beer Garden’s are cool in theory. But a sturdy bar is a pillar of a neighborhood. Golf tournaments, super bowl boxes, a place where people to go after good news and bad. A community.

      I’m not against kids, but it should be a bar that serves food and not a restaurant with some taps. Oh, and it can’t sell PBR. Narragansett however…..

  • I vote tryst/busboy type spot.

  • i live right above howard univ. and would love another bar!!

  • I am not a big beer garden fan, but if one opens up on georgia ave I would support it just because I know it would encourage other businesses to come to the area.

  • A beer garden would be fantastic.

  • I would like a place like busboy and poets. I’m not interested at all in having a place like beer garden.

  • how about a beer garden with veg friendly menu and a dog-friendly patio. boooyakashaaa.

  • I think it is essential that whatever theme they pick, the bar has great happy hour specials. I really love what they did in Columbia Heights with the bar: Social. I would love to see a place like that in petworth. Cool photos on the wall by local artists, nice mixed crowd, nice music, and awesome happy hour foods and drinks. I think if you have a good happy hour, you can really attract a lot of business!! i think its important to keep prices not too high, to attract new customers around the way, unless your food is out of this world.

  • ideas for bars? i’ve got a couple:

    a law themed bar.
    a place for the middle class to get screwed.


    Gun Bar
    a bar with a shooting gallery
    a Place for Shooters and shots!
    specialty drink: Sarsaparilla and whisky.
    and Colt 45’s.

    Game On
    an arcade bar with lots of old video arcade games.


    an after dinner desert bar.
    spiked chocolates.

    a smithy themed bar in the bowels of hell. with a faux working volcano.
    and everything is made of metal.
    and fire pits.

    Georgia Avenue Cinema and Drafthouse.
    but with more than a microwave.


    The Playground ( maybe Strollers?)
    a bar to take your kids. drop them off in the play area and go have a drink
    The Two Martini Playdate


    a bar with no theme. just a bar, some tables and drinks.

    Bar of 1812.

    a war of 1812/ sacking of dc themed bar.
    british/ american food and drinks.


    but it looks like most people want a beer garden or a relatively non-themed bar.

  • Been hoping for this question! The restaurant will be called “Clean Your Plate” and will serve home-style food that no one really makes at home anymore – meatloaf, leg of lamb, fried chicken, broiled trout, baked ham, braised short ribs, corned beef, roast turkey.

    Basically a “meat and three” tradition. Have 4 changing meat options each day with selections of sides – again things people (especially in smaller households) generally don’t make at home – scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower, baked squash.

    A total non-cook can pick up a bag of baby spinach at Target today and saute it in olive oil with a little garlic & white raisins – but they’re not likely to make collard greens all day.

    There would be some regular offerings as well, like -lasagna. Everyone can throw together a last-minute pasta dish after work – but real baked lasagna takes time.

    Homey desserts as well – fruit cobblers, layered jello parfaits. And soft dinner rolls – there are dozens of places to buy great hearty whole grain breads these days – but just try to find Parker House rolls!

    Dinner price point is around $15.00 (quite feasible with a flexible changing menu and lower labor costs of more prep-cooks and fewer chefs or line-cooks) This would be both a great place for all the variety of locals in the area as well as a cool destination restaurant, since there is nothing like it anywhere else.

    In addition to regular tables & booths, there will be a communal table seating 10-12 (maybe even laptop free??)

    The beer-garden/Irish pub atmosphere can easily be achieved with the bar & seating arrangements and general atmosphere.

    • Man! You’ve thought about this a lot, huh? Sounds like you’ve got the recipe (pun intended) for a great local joint! You should open it up yourself. I’d be there about twice a week!

  • I agree with Andy. I want a community beer garden where you can bring the stroller. Put it above the 4000 block of GA Ave (Preferably in the 4100 block πŸ™‚ so the anti-kid β€œadults” will hipster their way down to Wonderland instead. Add in some tasty food (affordable) and nice owner and great service (see Domku for what NOT to do). This would be great! Thanks!

    • saf

      “Adults.” I don’t think that word needs quotes.

      And if you don’t think Wonderland is full of kids, you’ve never been ther.

  • It would be great to have a new spot that has an outdoor area/garden and something that is a bit more classy, yet approachable and all-ages/family-friendly.

    Something that is good during the day for the mommy-and-me crowd, and tame at night for couples and more mature individuals (young and old) not looking to get shit-faced.

    Something along the lines of Domku/tryst/busboys would work. Nicer, cozier furniture would be a plus — no nasty thrift store couchs and lounge chairs. Hello bedbugs! That reminds me — does Tryst ever lysol their stuff?

  • A PoP themed bar. Pictures of houses of the day, photos from PoPville etc.

  • Think Quarry House/ Galaxy Hut but without Clarendon douchebags.

  • Some of the features commenters seem to request seems are filled by Looking Glass Lounge. It’s near the metro, good beers on draft, full bar food menu, and on Georgia Ave. It also bills itself as a neighborhood bar/grill.

    There is also Ras and Moroni Bros. at Decatur. They both have bars, but definitely skew more resto than bar. Biergarten would be nice, but the “garten” part takes space. Most locations on Georgia aren’t designed for that. I can’t think of many locations that would accommodate an outdoor garden of ample size. Upshur & Georgia might make a nice spot. Beer after Farmer’s Market. Thoughts?

    Finally, the pretzel sandwich brings back fond memories of camping in Germany. Slice the bretzen, slather with whole cream butter, 2 slices of emmentaler cheese, thin cuke slices, and enjoy on a alpine hike. I think it would pack equally as well on a Rock Creek Park jaunt. Yum.

    • +1 to Upshur & Georgia

    • But the quality of food at the Looking Glass is not great . . . basic, low-quality bar food. I’d like a new place to step up the food offerings, but not get too crazy or expensive . . . a place you could go to for a great dinner and good beer.

  • I’d like one of those places where the music stops and heads swivel whenever anyone unrecognized walks through the door. I’m tired of welcoming, family-friendly bars. I want more places where people are likely to get their head kicked-in if they so much as look the wrong way.

  • Anything with outdoor space for the summer and a cozy fireplace and lots of stouts/porters on tap for the winter. Can it open tomorrow?

  • Agreed, a place to get a hearty home-cooked meal would be lovely.

    What about a resto with substantial meals, themed with some throwback to NY ethnicity like home-cooked italian, jewish, irish, german, british, or greek.

  • I can’t think of a worse fit for Georgia Avenue than Busboys and Poets. +1 re the various comments supporting a place that appeals to long-time residents as well as newcomers. Some variation of a biergarten would probably work.

  • Busboys or Tryst-like spot would be amazing!

  • I want a hipster dive bar, that berates it’s patrons, serves “ironic” food like fried fried bologna sandwiches and has a jukebox full of 70s punk and soul.

  • Something like Open City

  • I like Busboys and Poets and think it would really appeal to the Georgia Ave metro station area-might even fit nicely in the Park Place condo complex-there’s a huge vacant store there.

    Which reminds me-any news on what’s going on with the vacant store fronts in the condo complex at Park Place? What about across the street in the new condo?

  • What the heck is a Beer Garden? Is this 1945 in Germany? No, this is DC. A beer Garden sounds like a fail waiting to happen… Stop being nostalgic and get business minded. Georgia Avenue lacks coffee shops/lounges, Large clean restaurants, also lacking nightlife spots and retail stores, and parking.

    Please don’t turn GA ave into another Adams Morgan, we can’t do with roads getting shut down at 11pm so that drunk ppl won’t get hit by cars.

    • how many bars would it take to turn Georgia Avenue into “another adams morgan”? it’s a phrase that comes up a lot, but never seems to have anything of substance beyond an emotional plea.

    • I doubt a Beer Garden in Germany in 1945 would be a whole lot of fun.

  • Definitely North of the Metro/near Upshur would be great. I’d vote (and think it would be successful) for an Irish Bar, or a Spanish place (think Jaleo, but even more casual/with almost a deli feel — something like Room 11 but more substantial; paella and lots of ham!).
    Whatever it is it should defnitely have a good/runs late Happy Hour and a great weekend brunch.

    If it goes beer garden, I’d vote for something more Belgian (with mussels — I’m still loving that trend) and less German.

  • An old school bowling alley, with a friendly casual bar/restaurant. Unbelievable that there isn’t an affordable and accessible alley in DC. The seniors in the area and local schools could use it during the day, and it would be a great hang-out spot at night. It will be profitable because there is nothing competing with it; it will get used outside of regular bar hours; and people will come from all over the city to enjoy it. Takes some initial investment . . .

  • I like beer. I especially like German Beer, so that would be thrilling for me.

    I would also be thrilled with a great comfy coffee spot. I find Qualia to be a little too uptight for my tastes. So what if I like a latte?!?

  • I think what the area is really lacking is a bar geared towards babies. plentiful stroller parking out front, high chairs galore, and $5 bottle and beam combos at the bar.

    • Yeah … they can serve only bottles of beer and have nipples that slide over the long-neck to really make the babies feel at home. The flat screens around the room play only Wiggles and Baby Einstein videos.

    • you do know that you would rake in the money on that.
      and press galore.

      • If that were true, it already would have been done by now. Criminy, we live in a town where you apparently can afford DuPont Circle rents selling DIY yogurt parfaits.

        • “If that were true, it already would have been done by now”

          that’s the voice of a corporate or fed lifer.
          keep your day job.

  • Ugh. NO BUSBOYS AND POETS!! The last thing this neighborhood needs is an overpriced, pretentious restaurant-pretending-to-be-a-coffee-shop. I agree with the above – something laid back where the locals can mix and will add to the neighborhood flavor.

  • Beeeeaaahhh Gaaahhhhdddeeeennnn! I live near GA ave and I swear I would patronize the shit out of such a place.

  • Something of the Busboys genre, though something perhaps more unique, would be huge for the area. We need to give people a reason to come to/stay on GA Ave when they want to socialize. Given the number of inhabitants in the area there are pretty slim pickings.

    In particular, the opportunity for growth several blocks south of the metro is immense. I am amazed more creative minds haven’t taken advantage of the empty store fronts or vacant lots in such close proximity to the metro (there’s a double lot on George and Otis that’s been sitting for over 10 yrs), but once a big name paves the way with success, I’m confident other entrepreneurs will quickly follow.

  • I don’t even like beer and would LOVE this! I am a huge fan of drinking/being outdoors.

  • I recently went to the beergarden on H St. While it was a little overpriced and the food was mediocre, I had a wonderful time. Patrons are seated at long tables, often with other parties. This, along with the congenial atmosphere led to me meeting some great new people. I think Petworth could benefit from having this kind of establishment because it would be a great gathering place and an improvement to the community.

  • how about a beach bar? sand? thatched roof tiki bar? shuffleboard? bikini contests?

  • I used to work at a beach bar, and due to it’s being entirely outdoors, it had much the atmosphere of a beer garden, even without brats and polka. In the afternoons, people would amble in, have a beer or a coffee, sit and relax in a lawn chair and watch boats go by (we were on a river bank), including people with kids. In the evening, things got more crowded and a little rowdier (not my favorite time of night, but it was a popular stop on pub crawls) and late at night it became the perfect place to stop for one last beer on your way home after a long night. I’d definitely recommend a beach bar, although I think it’d be better suited to the waterfront than to Petworth.

    On the other hand, I don’t recommend actually working for a beach bar. Sand gets everywhere. Everywhere.

  • 2 votes here for a busboys/tryst type of option- we go out of our way to hit busboys, and they are always busy, so must be doing something right! If it happened to be just south of the metro, even better πŸ™‚

  • +1 for Beer Garden.

  • Tryst. And the food on that photo isn’t holy awesome, it’s holy gross. I’d like to be able to imagine on my commute home that even if I don’t want to cook, I don’t have to eat pizza or something deep-fried if I choose to eat out. Give me a good inspiring salad, that makes me want to remember what’s in it, and redo it next time I hit the farmers’ market. Or if you want to leave the inspiration to me, a good organic locally grown salad bar. And some beer, sure. But not another excuse for french fries and a pint of liquid dinner, and, uh, a pretzel sandwiches with big pickles on toothpicks, god, I’m going to be ill. Don’t get mad and call me full of shit too, but really, if we care about kids being healthy, as in your next post, how about we start soon by giving ourselves healthy food options.

  • I think it should be dedicated to Soul. Bobby Womack-style!

  • A busboys & poets/tryst type place is exactly what’s needed. My fiance and I complain that there’s not a close, affordable place to get a bite to eat at all times of the day and night (we live in Parkview). I miss having a closeby breakfast option (although we’re a decent walk from Domku) and it would great to have a place to grab breakfast or a salad or whatever. A nice beer selection would be awesome too πŸ™‚

    And by the way, I’m always down for good beer, but there’s a new upscale sportsbar that’s going in right next to the Looking Glass. While more beer is always a good thing, a place that’s open 7 days a week that does breakfast, lunch and dinner and an inexpensive weekend breakfast/brunch would be even better.

  • I’d love to see a good bar with a dog friendly patio in the 4500/4600 range of Georgia Ave.

  • I would love to see a Beer Garden on Georgia Ave. Bring on the German beer, pretzels, and meat!

  • Keep it up this town will turn into Boston. I grew up here in Petwoth and I must say that some things are better but in other ways the city is loosing a lot of flavor..

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