Highlands Cafe Launces New Vegan Menu at 4706 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoP,

Each Friday there is a vegan chef at The Highlands preparing meals from the beta vegan menu. This campaign will last until the end of January. This is the anticipated date when all cooks have been trained to prepare vegan fare. Once this benchmark has been reached, The Highlands will offer vegan food during regular restaurant hours.”

Highlands Vegan menu

You can see their standard menu here.

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  • I’m definitely supportive of any place with a vegan menu, but it seems a bit nuts that the vegan sandwiches are all $13, and the regular menu sandwiches are $5-9. And the house salad on their regular menu–with chicken–is $6, while the vegan salad–without chicken–is $9. I know some of the fake meats can be pricey, but there’s no reason why a wrap with greens, guac and quinoa (an inexpensive grain) should be $13. The vegan food better knock my socks off for these price discrepancies.

    • I’m the vegan Chef @ The Highlands…please bring extra socks with you to Vegan night tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

      ps: oh and we made some price changes to the previously posted beta menu…our food is nourishing and should be affordable by all.

      check us out tomorrow to get hip!

  • Holy expensive Batman! $13 for a grilled cheese w/ fake bacon. Sticky Fingers Bakery has the same item for half the price…and it’s delicious.

  • How’s the non-vegan food there?

    Vibe/website/menu etc looks pretty good…seems worth a trip up there from CH!

    • people typically hold back about this place on here because they don’t want to see it become too more crowded. the food is actually almost too good for a counter service type place.

      • $9 for a bowl of seasoned beans?
        $13 for a quinoa burrito?

        you can have it your secret place RD.
        no chance in hell i’ll even walk through the doors.

        • $9 for a bowl of seasoned beans

          $13 for a quinoa burrito

          Smooth digestion, nourishment, energy and clear skin…PRICELESS.

          Vegan Night @ The Highlands, health never tasted so good!

          oh and we’ve changed some of our pricing…so that should make walking through our doors a bit easier ๐Ÿ™‚

  • you have to pay for the irrational choices you make in life. living on the fringe costs you $13/sandwich.

    • Or, I can take my so-called irrational choices and my money to any of a number of more reasonably priced veg friendly places in this city that don’t charge me $13 for greens and grains in a tortilla…

      • Indeed, making your own meal (vegan or whatnot) costs even less.

      • Green Wrap Supreme: chopped kale, mixed greens, spinach greens, bell pepper, italian plum tomato guacamole made fresh, quinoa grains cooked and seasoned, sprouts, california mango salsa dressing made fresh, sprouted grain tortilla wrap.

        Sounds to me like a bit more than just “greens and grains in a tortilla” but then again, you have to come try it for yourself to find out! ๐Ÿ™‚

        The wrap posted on POP is an old menu, new price for sandwiches is $9.

  • $11 for a piece of cake? hell no.

  • Food is awesome and a great value and they now have a liquor license.

    • It might be awesome, but I can’t see how is it a great value, unless perhaps the “sandwiches” are really like 3-foot-long heroes.

      • I’m the vegan chef @ The Highlands, DCMom is right, the food is awesome and is a great value. What’s posted on POP is an older vegan menu…We’ve adjusted some pricing here and there given the recent customer feedback. Dropping the new menu tomorrow!

        Come by and feast! If you like 3-foot-long heroes, then my Super Burrito should be right up your alley!

  • “launces” ? I think you mean launches, no?

  • The vegan menu is very welcome but the prices are complete science fiction. And not the good science fiction with giant insects and robots and hot time-traveling tarts in shiny gogo boots. I’d love to support this but refuse until the numbers come back down from wherever the hell they came from.

  • Im going to step in and suggest hey neighbors, give Highland a chance. I like this little place and had a couple of great sandwiches there, they serve breakfast too. If you check out their menu on their website, most sandwiches are 6.75 and the desserts are $4-5, their regular entrees top out at $15 (for steak) so don’t judge them by this entry alone. It’s like a nice coffee shop/breakfast place/deli that also serves things like shrimp linguine. Basically something we desperately need around here!

  • The new vegan menu prices on the whole seem like a shameless grab for yuppie money, like they’re trying to take advantage of the organic foods crowd. ELEVEN DOLLARS for desserts. WHA? Offering a vegan menu is a smart move for marketing, for health, for the environment. But setting prices like that is going to do more harm to their reputation in the community.

    I would be very receptive to an explanation from the owners. There might actually be good reasons. But without an explanation, it seems to stink of a money grab.

    • Greetings, I’m the vegan chef @ The Highlands. Thank you for your comments they are appreciated. Please note, this menu is in BETA phase and is NOT permanent. In addition to providing local vegans with alternative food options, our primary objective is to show that healthy eating can be affordable and delicious. To begin the process of adding vegan fare to The Highlands main menu, a two month Vegan Fridays campaign was developed to get the word out to neighbors.

      Our campaign is structured so that we can add/subtract menu items and alter pricing as we receive feedback from our valued customers. I just hope customers try the food first before making their judgements!

      Your input regarding the pricing is appreciated. Since the POP post, we’ve changed the menu several times!…We’re sure to have it down pact by the end of January.

      Again, thanks for your interest. Please come by the restaurant to try our Vegan Fridays!

  • This is not a carnivore friendly menu!

    Hey look! I’m just as annoying as all of the vegadouches who write the converse of the above every time a new NORMAL restaurant opens.

  • these kind of prices are like an insult and really encourage not giving a damn about restaurants and just having friends over.

  • this place has great breakfast. used to work there, dudes are nice as hell. seriously great to have it in town. don’t know how the vegan thing will end up working out, but i promise it’s not a shameless money grab any more so than any other for profit establishment is…if you want to get right down to it.

    also – word up best tilapia on the block.

  • I’m sure they know about PoP since they’ve ben featuring here before, because of their cool mural. Word up, better lower those prices.

  • The menu sounds appealing, but as someone else pointed out, you can go to Sticky Fingers and get a vegan grilled “cheese” sandwich with tempeh bacon, tomato, and onion for about half the price. Heck, a carnist could get a meat sandwich there for half the price.

    Bring the prices down, and I’ll consider trying the menu.

  • there was a time it was cheaper for a person the be a vegetarian.
    no longer.

    • It still is if you cook at home. How much do you spend on grocercies per month? I can feed two people for $100 with leftovers to share. When I do eat out there’s plenty of cheap options– you just can’t go to the places that deliberately cater to vegetarians.

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