Good News: Chief Groomes Back on the Job

From the Washington Post:

Assistant Chief Diane Groomes “has been restored to duty and returned to her position as the official in charge of the Patrol Services and Security Bureau,” Lanier said in an e-mail.

Lanier had placed Groomes, 44, on administrative leave last month, issuing a statement to the media that said Groomes was allegedly involved in “compromising” a test administered to her fellow command staff.

Lanier said her decision came after an internal investigation concluded that Groomes did not “compromise” the test. Rather, the internal probe found that the exam was an open-book test. “No official obtained or shared the answer key,” Lanier said.

Personally, I’m very happy to hear Chief Groomes is back on the job.

I guess we never really talked about it – are you glad to hear that Chief Lanier (and Groomes) will be staying on in the new Gray Administration?

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  • The MPD command is loyal to the mayor and to a lesser extent the council, both of which have been incompetent on crime for decades. So I am sure the two of them are nice officers and all but it doesn’t mean anything to me that they are staying on. The problem with crime in DC starts with the mayor and the council (specifically the Committee on Public Safety and Judiciary), neither of which have seriously debated crime for as long as I can remember. Its a non issue to them and they make their money anyways.

  • I think it’s good to have Groomes and Lanier back for sure, if only because they are pleasant to the eyes of us Gentrymen. If the Council, DYRS, and the housing authority and welfare agencies would just live up to our expectations for effective controls on the plethora of children with guns and ammo roaming the streets and metro, we might actually have a livable city worthy of being a proud nation’s capital! RIP Neil, it was indeed their fault for letting the kids run around unsupervised with guns after having been caught doing same! Still working on getting a ghost bike with blood tear for you at Sherman Circle.

  • Open-book test vs. pervasive culture of cheating. Love the characterizations that went around on this one.

  • Of course it’s the city’s fault. Don’t worry about the parents or grandparents, they had nothing to do with it. They just take the checks the city gives them to raise these good boys. . .

  • I am very happy that Chief Lanier is staying on. From what I can tell, she has done a great job. I have met her personally, and was impressed with her willingness to discuss neighborhood issues. She seems responsive to citizens, but also lets them know that the police cannot do everything on their own; citizens also need to be involved in stopping crime.

  • Lanier’s story is so inspiring and I wish the youth of the city would pay more attention to it. She was a teenage mom, high school drop out, every bit as disadvantaged as so many of the punks in our city who got her own act together, put herself through school and now has an master’s degree and I think even a PhD. She is one impressive woman.

    • That’s wishful thinking. These dead-eyed losers aren’t NEARLY as deprived as most. Never seen one without a $200 coat, Jordans, and a cell phone. That’s not poor. The white guilt idea that this has to do with fiscal deprivation rather than MORAL deprivation is laughable.

      I am SOOOO glad I’m out of here in three weeks and moving to a city where people actually care about protecting innocent members of the public and punishing criminal thugs.

  • I’d really like to hear more about this whole test thing. How did it take this long to realize that the test was open book? Shouldn’t that have been cleared up in, say, the first 45 seconds?

    I feel like there must be more to this story.

  • This is good news. Groomes was excellent as an inspector in 3D, and we were sorry to see her move upstairs. She’s smart, strong, and caring, a terrific combination. I only wish she could lose the “Assistant” off her job title.

  • Very glad to have Lanier staying around. It’s amazing to think of how problematic the police agency was twenty or so years ago and see it now, closing homicides, undercover drug busts, foot patrols.
    I’m with DT, the whole Groomes issue sounds strange – why was this even a controversy in the first place if it was an open book test?

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