Good Lord – Street Robberies Get More Terrifying

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From MPD:

“RE: Attack/Robbery at 10th and Girard NE (Monday around 1930 hours)

The complainant was walking northbound when she was grabbed from behind by the suspect. The suspect then produced a taser gun and proceeded to taser the complainant about the face and upper body as the second suspect took her purse. Both suspects fled on Franklin St NE.”

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From MPD listserv:

“I was walking between 4th and 5th on T St NW [in LeDroit Park] at three this afternoon [Tues.] when a young black man crossed the street towards me with a handgun and told me to empty my pockets. He was wearing a red parka and was accompanied by a second young black man in a black coat. I immediately ran and wasn`t chased. I called the MPD when I got to Florida Ave and two cars met me at Georgia and Florida to take my statement. I rode with one officer as they canvassed the neighborhood for a few minutes, then gave a statement to a detective. The officer I rode with gave me his card and my case number. When I left the officers hadn`t found anyone.

There was a second robbery at 2nd and T St. NW at almost the same time which the officers were talking about, but I don`t know if they were connected.”

I’m not sure it’s the smartest idea to run from someone with a gun pointed at you but I’m glad this individual was ok.

Photo by PoPville flickr user

At least “Skateboard P” has been taken off the streets…

“Today [Tues.] at approximately twelve noon, the Fifth District Burglary Tactical unit arrested Allen Brown aka “Skateboard P” for a Burglary he committed in the 3500 block of South Dakota Avenue NE on 10/13/10. Mr. Brown was chased by officers on October 13, 2010 after being suspected of committing the burglary but made good his escape. Further investigation by the Tactical Unit and Fifth District Detectives further connected Mr. Brown to the South Dakota Avenue Burglary and an additional Burglary off the Rhode Island Avenue corridor. Detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant leading to today’s arrest by the tac unit.”

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  • Running away, standing still getting shot in the face. To each their own.

  • School is out, the kids need something to do. And they’ve got their orders from the inpdum too! Amazing how many guns the children in this city have and how not scared they are to use them.

  • Beats waiting for the Masked Vigilante to appear. I would throw my goods in one direction and run in the other. So what if they get $60 and a canceled credit card.

    • They could always shoot you in the back, then take your phone and go back for your wallet. And getting shot might not help your chances of canceling your credits card(s)

      • As my sole consolation, I’d become the subject of a PoP post, replete with snarky comments.

      • It’s relatively difficult to shoot a target that is moving away from you. Especially if you don’t really know how to use your weapon, and if you don’t maintain it. Better, run in a random zig zag pattern and decrease the likelihood of being struck, while simultaneously increasing the likelihood of looking amazing.

  • Hard to use a gun without them.

  • I ran from a would be robber outside of Wonderland Ballroom about a year ago. The feral youth stood befuddled as I high tailed it up Kenyon screaming for authorities. He and his goons had planned to kidnap I’m fairly certain. I would strongly suggest that you sprint like an Olympic track star if they intend to take you to another location.

  • He’ll be at his grandma’s for Christmas, you can be sure of that.

    I really like the shaming idea. Post fliers around his neighborhood warning that there is an armed gunman in their midst.

  • don’t taze me bro

  • FYI … my gf was jumped on Dec 1 at 5th & Q NW for her iPhone. This little bastard came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her throat, and knocked her to the ground. He tried to grab her bag as well, but fortunately it was across her shoulder and she was successful in fighting him off. She chased him a few blocks before he got away … not advisable btw.
    Cops were quick to respond to her 911 call from home, but no luck finding the perp. Was in contact with MPD, but the lead detective/officer on the case has yet to return any of her calls. sigh

  • if someone pulls a gun on me i assume they are going to use it.
    i will run if i can because i think my chances will be better.
    kids just do not care if they kill you.

  • Petworth is rife with shootings, but something like the mugging described above happened to a friend just as we were house hunting in Brookland in ’98. She woke up in the hospital. We scratched Brookland off our list. Sad to see it is still so dangerous, despite all the improvements along Rhode Island Ave and Yu Ying Charter buying that building up on Taylor.

    • Rife it may be, but these little fellas are usually preoccupied with killing each other. Someone should tell their parent . . .

  • oops meant to say 2008. I only WISH I’d bought a farm house in Brookland in 98, wheew!

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