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  • What — “North Georgetown” wouldn’t fit?

  • beautiful signs. I love this style of illustration… but they are in remarkable stark contrast to the grey bleakness behind them (thinking of the top photo). I know it’s winter and all, but I think there may have been a bit of artistic license, or maybe some shortsightedness in the placing of the signs?

  • Not a bad looking sign. Just wish it had a phonetic spelling guide as well, so that un-informed newcomers wouldn’t pronounce it “Glove-er” instead of the correct “Gluv-er”!

  • Just so I can clarify, the different pronunciations you’re talking about are Gluh-ver (rhymes with ‘lover’) and Glo-ver (rhymes with ‘over’)? I’ve only ever heard the former, never the latter. Interesting.

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