Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 828 D st SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Excellent location. Across the street from eastern market metro, At the heart of capitol hill a beautiful big studio with Lots of light . Apt is located in a beautiful historic building with only 4 apts. The apt has lots of privacy since the apt. has the second floor of the building to itself with big windows. Walk in closet, high ceilings, Carpet throughout, tile in the kitchen and bathroom, washer/dryer in the apartment, etc. and a patio on the back of the building. Great location!, cannot get better! ” across the street from Eastern Market metro “, 1 block from eastern market, restaurants, grocery store, bank, shopping, dry cleaners, gym, starbucks, kinko, bars and more. Plenty of transportation bus lines and across the street from metro. Beautiful view to park. You will only pay partial of the gas bill. Extremely close to downtown DC, and a short drive to MD. Close to Major transportation routes. . won’t last long. Pet friendly building. No move in fees, and no hidden fees. Open house Saturday December 18, 2010 at noon. AND Sunday December 19 at noon Rain or shine. Available January 1, 2011. Showings by appointment since apt is occupied. If you are serious about renting the apartment please bring paystubs and check to provide a deposit with application. Please RSVP for showing to get head count. If property is advertised, it is still available. pets are ok.”

Does this sound reasonable for $1399?

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  • I’m confused, do you guys think this is across the street from the metro?

    In all seriousness, I’d say reasonable, not a great deal, but reasonable. I looked for apartments in this area a little over a year ago and ones that allow pets are pretty hard to find.

    • Yes. Penn Ave is not the most fun street to cross but otherwise you couldn’t ask for a more metro-accesible location.

      • I was being sarcastic, which I guess didn’t come across! The ad mentions multiple times that it’s across the street from the metro.

    • I also disagree that pet-friendly apartments are hard to find here. Capitol Hill is always the first place I direct pet-owning apartment-hunters to.

      • Well, based on personal experience I have to completely disagree. It took me four months to find even one apartment on the Hill that 1)had a washer and dryer and 2)allowed me to have my dog. (FWIW, it’s not a dog that’s defined as an “aggressive breed.”

        • That’s strange, because I’ve searched for apartments for myself and two dogs on the hill and have found tons of them. People renting out a level of their house are a lot more flexible about pets than the manager of a big building, and Cap Hill has a lot more of the former.

          • Wow, I completely disagree that people renting out a level of their house are more flexible. I really think that only applies if the people happen to be pet owners themselves.

            A quick Craigslist search only returned this and one other property for less than $2000 in the area that allowed pets.

          • Ok, I stand corrected. 🙂 I guess the three times I was looking I got lucky and there were a lot of dog lovers in the market for tenants.

          • I think I was a little unlucky, too! Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off as so combative; in re-reading my comments I realize I kind of did. (It’s not an excuse, but it’s been a long week/day at work. Is it 5:30 yet?)

          • No problem. Actually, now that I think about it I’ve always been looking for 2-bedrooms, so maybe it’s easier to find those that allow pets.

    • yeah, it’s pretty much across the street.
      just think of the park as your front lawn and d st as your driveway.

  • I assume 1BR…? Not expressed in the ad.

  • Two things that are odd (excluding all the spelling and grammatical errors):

    1. “Extremely close to downtown DC, and a short drive to MD.” What about VA? It’s like a 10 minute drive away.
    2. “Please RSVP for showing to get head count.” Why? Will they be serving snacks and drinks?

  • It’s a studio. This is a pretty good deal, but of course is somewhat dependent on the actual condition of the apartment. Studio apartments in this part of Capitol Hill range from $1000 – $1600, in my experience.

  • It sounds like a good deal. Having an entire floor to oneself is really, really nice in my opinion. The location is awesome, small building, etc… I think they will get a lot of applicants and get their price.

  • I used to live in this apartment. The building looks ok when you view it and it is a spacious studio, but the building is literally falling apart. Wind comes in beneath the baseboards, there are mice and roaches, and wood is rotting off of the back of the building. I can assure you, it is not a good deal!

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