Dear PoP – Who appraises and purchases antique mantles?

“Dear PoP,

We’re wondering if any area residents know of and can recommend someone who appraises and purchases things like antique mantles. We’re thinking of removing a large one in our house that has a mirror and glass door cabinets. It’s a really nice piece and we may not end up parting with it, but we have no idea where to start a process like this to see if someone would buy and then remove it.”

Any suggestions? I’m thinking Good Wood on U Street might be a good spot. Maybe Brass Knob in Adams Morgan on 18th St, NW? Any others?

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  • was the cabinet retrofitted to block a fireplace?
    i’d guess around $550.

  • If–if–you get an antique store to give you an offer, multiply it by 3 and sell it yourself. Stores buy their stock at 25% what they tag it for in their shops. Or commission it to an auction house like Weschler’s and let the market tell you what it’s worth.

  • The mantel may not be as valuable as the leaded glass panels. Try getting the value (internet research, craigslist, etc) of the glass panels.

  • Miss Pixies is another local antique shop that may be able to help you.

  • Was this original to your house? Just curious. I’ve been scouting these on ebay (our rowhouse never had a fireplace but we’d love to have even a non-working one w/ mantle).

    I have been seeing them for upwards of $500 –esp w/ the glass intact. Check out the comps there to get a better idea. You could definitely sell it yourself if you have a reliable carpenter who could take it out.

  • This is all terrifically helpful, thanks everyone.

    @VG – This piece has definitely been there a long time, but not sure it’s original.

    @Anon1 – Pretty sure the original wood burning fireplace is actually behind there.

    @Anon2 – The leaded glass is definitely really nice, unfortunately there is a small piece of it missing on the left door.

  • Why on earth would you remove it? It’s beautiful. I hate how people carve out all the original details out of their rowhouses. I simply don’t understand it.

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