Dear PoP – What Restaurants are Open Christmas Day?

“Dear PoP,

Any chance you can do a post on what area restaurants are open on Christmas Day? For the last few years, we’ve had to wander aimlessly around town peering in front doors and hoping we can find something.”

For me and my tribe we’ve been enjoying Christmas Day meals in Chinatown for generations. I can’t be the one to break this tradition but for those looking for a bit more culinary diversity – what other restaurants will be open on Christmas Day?

You can see a list of some of our favorite Chinese restaurants here.

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  • anonymouse_dianne

    There are a lot of restaurants open on Christmas. Go to open table and look.
    Againn in Rockville has a fixed price special featuring Christmas Goose or Prime Rib. Intriguing.

  • ah

    Too many “open”s in the headline.

  • I went to Mama Ayesha’s last year. A nice change from DC’s sub-par Chinese food.

    • Second Mama Ayesha’s. I didn’t go on Christmas last year, but I love their food and just got the e-mail letting people know they will be open on Christmas day this year.

  • Try checking out hotels at hotels. Most hotels restaurants need to stay open for their guests. A couple years ago my wife and I went to Tabbard Inn for a fantastic dinner (or this may have been xmas eve- Can’t remember now).

  • I saw Old City Cafe on Columbia Road will be open in case you’re looking for a cheap alternative to chinese…

  • Happy holidays to you all,first i want to thank every one who attended our 2 year party i hope every one had a fun time.Fusion will be open 24th & 31st we are doing a ( 4 course menu with a glass of champagne for $45.00 per person and vegetarian $35.00 per person) kids $5.00, this menu can be viewed on our web site you.Barry

  • From my experiencce most Indian places are open on Christmas. Have yourself a nice goat curry.

  • Thai Xing is open. Give a call. 202-332-4322.

    • Extremely overrated Thai food and their new-age anti-capitalism business practices leave much to be desired. Try the VA hole in the wall, Chang.

      • Well I’d say one would be hard pressed to find a better Thai restaurant in D.C., but there’s an older guy who works there who’s *really* creepy. I wouldn’t go without a guy :/

        • i know the dc area is tiny, and virginia is only across a river, and that the river is only wide metaphorically speaking, but it seems a bit silly to go to Virginia for thai for most of us dc residents, unless its unbelievably fantastic and will alter my opinion of what thai cooking can be. is it?

          • Maybe, but you’d probably be the first person to criticize a VA resident for not venturing into the city more often.

      • what exactly are their business practices that you object to?

  • Paul Kee in Wheaton MD is open late, Good place, you just get stared at a bit if you’re non-Chinese. I’ve had the best experiences with Chinese restaurants with “Key” in their name, it seems like they’re more inclined towards Chinese customers, but they have Shrimp Dumpling soup.

    On another note, China Wonder across from the Mc Donalds on GA Avenue/Howard University is the best Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to in terms of consistency and taste. I plan on ordering plenty from there and keeping the leftovers to tide me through Christmas instead of going to a dodgy DC restaurant.

    • ahh. I just ate at Paul Kee with the boy a few weeks ago. I couldnt decide if we were getting stared at because hes in a wheelchair or because we’re white. I’m glad to hear it was most likely because we’re white. The food was excellent though.

      • jack5

        Yep, Its like a place locked in time, I’m guessing some of the older people there aren’t accustomed to seeing people of other races much, but I’ve never had any major problems there, I’ve had better Chinese food, but on really late nights or holidays, they’re probably the best thing going in the area. 🙂 They serve some really wild off-menu items too. Frogs Legs, Tripe, Pigs Blood, some crazy stuff [to us westerners at least]! LOL.

  • Duffy’s is open and they are giving away FREE WINGS from 8 – 9pm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!!

  • IHOP in Columbia Heights

  • Nanny O’Briens in Cleveland Park opens at 6pm

  • fusion will also be open christmas day from 11am-3pm ,for brunch mimosa $3.00,blody mary $4.00 also new years day same time.Dinner start at 5pm.

  • i’d bet a few places on 17th will be open, trio in particular has a big ol’ sign for their christmas day menu!

  • Last year we had dinner at Bistro du Coin on Christmas Day. They had a special menu, and it was delicious.

  • saf

    Hollywood East (Wheaton) will be doing Dim Sum, carts and all, on Christmas.

  • Even though I live in DC, I’ve gone up to Yuan Fu Vegetarian for Christmas a couple times. Their Sizzling Rice Soup is not to be missed. I think Vegetable Garden, also in Rockville, is open; they were for Thanksgiving.

    This year I’m going out of town.

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