Dear PoP – What is Being Built Next to the Diner on Bladensburg Rd, NE?

“Dear PoP,

Any idea what is being built next to Capital City Diner (1050 Bladensburg Road, NE)? Its been over a month and its coming up fast. I asked around but no-one seems to know, even the people building it.”

Matt from the Diner tells me:

“City-funded (multi-million dollar, I think, through a city grant) 4-story 15-unit apartment building, I believe. Supposed to be finished early next year.”

And nearby across the street a bit closer to H St, NE there is a huge project called the “Flats at Atlas District” under way:

“Clark Realty Capital is developing The Flats at Atlas District, a multifamily luxury apartment community located near the H Street, Atlas, Trinidad, and Rosedale communities in the Northeast quadrant of Washington, DC, a short walk from the many restaurants, shops, and bars on H Street as well as the historic Atlas Theater.”

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  • If I lived right next door to the diner I’d be a super-happy fat boy.

  • How do you know it’s public housing? Just because it’s funded with a city grant? Couldn’t they be funding a private operation, just like a developer would?

  • That’s great and all, but who is moving into the area? Has the Renee condo building (across the street) been selling? The lower level windows are still covered…

  • Wonderful. More public housing to breed criminals.

    • the issue is public housing in an area that offers young kids and teens nothing. it’s location location location.

      social services in area with a gazillions of temptations to stray from a lawful life are horrible for communities.

  • Honestly, it looks a little to hip to be public housing. Maybe its affordable housing/mixed use kind of building, something like the ones in Columbia heights.

  • I spoke with one of the employes at The Diner. It’s going to be transitional housing,what kind I’m not sure. When we do not attend zoning meetings situtations like this can happen right before your eyes,sad but true.

  • The far reaches of Cap Hill & Bladensburg? Not a good place for affordable housing? Where should they live, under a railroad bridge?
    My only issue is concentrated public housing ala Franklin Terrace, Sursum Corda etc. where everyone you meet is poor and it’s overly concentrated.

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