Dear PoP – Structural Engineer and Commercial Kitchen Request

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“Dear PoP,

I’m in the midst of closing on an historic home in DC and need to get an inspection done by a structural engineer. The challenge has been finding one with a camera that can snake into the tiny crawl space and into one of the walls. We’ve found lots of places that will do the inspection needed, but without the camera, we’d have to remove several feet of drywall to see what we’d need to see. Do you or any of your readers have any recommendations?”

We looked at some home inspectors here anyone know of one with structural engineer experience (that has a special camera)?

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“Dear PoP,

I’m looking for a commercial kitchen on the weekend for a few hours. This could be a one-time thing or ongoing, depending on availability. I won’t be doing any cooking, just prepping and packaging vegetables. Do you or your readers have any contacts? I’ve contacted restaurants, cafes, schools and churches without much luck, and some readers have come across this issue before. Even though I’m doing this for a non-profit event, I’d be willing to give a donation or a rental fee for the use of a kitchen. Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

They can contact me at [email protected]

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  • Hill’s Kitchen has a large kitchen above their retial space that they utilize for cooking classes … maybe contact them to see whether you could use the space when they’re not using it? Dunno. They seem very nice!

  • park view senior center seems to have a nice big kitchen.

  • Engineer–try Hadi at I have hired three so far and he is by far the best.

    He is a no BS kind of guy and last year he crawled through an 18 inch crawl space on a property I was going to buy. It was about $600 with the report.

  • In response to your Home Inspector, call this guy. JD Grewell. I’ve used him on 2 different homes I’ve attempted to purchase this year. He is the former head of the American Home Inspectors Assoc. His website is I don’t know if he has a camera, he’s pretty old school, but he can point you in the right direction.

    His phone number is (301) 588-1318

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