Dear PoP – Snow Removal Recs?

“Dear PoP,

My mid-sized condo building is looking for a reliable snow removal company. Would you mind asking the community if they have any recommendations?”

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  • I actually know the two young men who are advertising their services in the picture that POP has with this post. They are great guys and although not a traditional snow-removal company, are two people willing to work hard (and they live in the area, which isn’t the case for many of the snow removal companies). If you don’t need a motorized plow (as in you don’t have an alley or parking lot that needs to be cleared), then I sugges you consider going with these guys (and because they are a start-up, I bet they will be way cheaper).

  • Have you asked your landscaping company? The last condo I had we originally had two different companies doing those, but we later switched because it worked out well for price and logistics to have one company working year-round on the exterior grounds of the building.

  • Our small building uses Greensweep. 301-588-1616. Kyle, the owner, is a great local guy, and their prices for both snow and landscaping are very good.

  • My husband’s landscaping company, Terra Inc., also does snow removal – they have a number of condo/apartment contracts in the area (closer to home, they started managing the grounds of Rock Creek Cemetery this year). You can reach them at 301-920-2065; their website is

  • Are you tired of having your hands cut off by snowblowers? And the inevitable heart attacks that come with shoveling snow? Then call KL5-3226. Call now and receive a free t-shirt. Call Mr. Plow, that’s my name. That name again is Mr. Plow.

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