Dear PoP: “random act of kindness – please help me find the person who helped me!”

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“Dear PoP,

This morning I was on the G8 bus on Rhode Island Avenue and got off at Florida and Rhode Island. I then proceeded to transfer to the 92 along Florida Avenue and almost had a heart attack when I realized I could not find my wallet!!!. I got off the bus two blocks into my trip and retraced my route back to RI and FL but could not find my wallet. I saw this guy walking along RI, stopped him and asked him if he had seen an orange wallet on the sidewalk. He said no and then I briefly explained what had happened. At this point I briefly saw the G8 going on 9th Street and wondered if I would be able to recover my wallet. The guy in front of me dug into his pockets and gave me the $6 he had on him and wished me good luck trying to hail a cab and getting my wallet. There was hardly any traffic and the only cab that went by did not want to pick me up but I was able to convince him when I mentioned my lost wallet. The race was on!. The cabbie went down 9th and no sign of the bus, we then hit H Street and we saw the bus on 12th St, the cabbie hit the gas and we were able to cut off the bus at 13th and H. I got off the cab (the bus driver thought we were nuts) and asked if anyone had seen my wallet, I went to the seat where I had been sitting and that was now occupied by someone else, the guy got up and there it was!!!! My wallet!

I would love to find the guy who lent me the $6 to thank him immensely for the huge favor and for his kindness, I could have been a delusional woman asking for money and he had pity on me.

You have my email and if he reads this I just want to say : THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

So awesome!

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  • I may sound cheesy but my thoughts are that if someone is that kind, he won’t really care about you expressing your gratitude. And I mean this in the best way possible, that he didn’t do it expecting something in exchange and that he will find retribution in himself.

    Rather than hunting him down, keep his act in mind for when you have the chance of paying it forward.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Perhaps but I find it very important to share these stories because when we read about crime and other unpleasant aspects of living in the city it is important to remember and recognize the beautiful things as well.

      • Agree. Similar to the NYT metro diary, always cute.

      • Absolutely agree. The following comment is also true, he will probably be happy to know the other person got his wallet back. Mine was directed more to the submitter rather than to you and I meant to encourage something else rather than being against posting this.

  • I’m sure this guy would be happy to hear this lady got her wallet back.

  • Similar thing happened to me too. I think I was pickpocketted. Luckily on the metro, some nice soul gave me 60 bucks to get back to base before my CGO found out. Unfortunately, between exiting the train and hopping in the red line, I was pickpocketed again! Sadly, my trip to DC to buy some Kayne sunglasses and Jefferson Memorial figures was turning out to be a bust. But just when I thought things couldn’t get any worst some nice tourist gave me some money for my trip! Can you believe it. Well long story short, I ended up getting pickpocketed 296 more times before a fine officer of the MPD took down my statement and helped ms get back home. If anyone has any info as to who may have robbed me 296 times please contact your local police station. Thank you and God bless!

  • Being the person who got the wallet back I totally agree with passing the good act of kindness forward. Still – blind faith in a moment of despair is humbling. Beside saying thank you I would like to treat him to a beer or whatever.

  • Just pay it forward the next time you come upon someone in need. Your good intentions is what helped you reunite with your wallet. 🙂

  • You could donate to a local charity with this person in mind. A couple of months ago I returned a briefcase that I found on the street and I expected nothing in return. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a voicemail a couple of days later asking for my favorite charity so he could make a donation in my name. It was the best message I could have received.

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